Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Greatest Hits

It's an extremely difficult task to isolate the greatest hits we've come up with here on How Youz Doin.  I've tried and I've probably failed.  In no particular order, I have a few links to the posts I consider the best.  I'll try my best to give a little explanation of why these posts are particularly good.

April 2007:  "Wanted."  Pat blows up on the Yankees' relief pitching core, Gunn takes Pat to task for saying that bad things only happened to the Yankees.
May 2007:  "Too Bad Dave Winfield Retired."  DV references Dan Johnson as "The Second Coming of Ted Williams," a reference to a 2005 Michael Urban mlb.com mailbag.  Of course, in the next few years, things got more interesting regarding this guy.
Days earlier, in "Surprise of the Season So Far," Mets fan The Big Ticket hammers, among other things, Steve Phillips. Phillips also took heat over our time for saying that Julio Lugo had "pop" in his bat and for saying that the 2008 Tigers were going to have the "best offense in the history of baseball."
May 28, 2007:  "The State of the Yankees."  The debut of "From The Bronx."  This guy is one of very few commenters here whom don't know Pat and I personally, but he stuck around for nearly three years, bringing some of that Bronx bravado, keen baseball insight, and constant headaches for Pat F.
June 27, 2007:  "What do the New York Yankees need?  Me."  Pat completely combusts, taking it out especially on Melky Cabrera and Robinson Cano.
September 19, 2007:  "Save Him for Later."  Though the Red Sox won the World Series this year, the words about saving Papelbon for later instead of bringing him into the game when he's needed most run just as true four years later.  This one's a classic DV blowup.
December 2007:  "Yo Quiero Mas Dinero."  Jacoby Ellsbury dies to DV, DV's friend Jared reveals that he would fit right in on a Bobby Valentine team.

April 4, 2008:  "We Could Be That Mistake."  A quintessential DV post, praising Coco Crisp for some inane reason, criticizing JD Drew after Drew homers, gets a comment at 7:11 AM on a Saturday morning, gets criticism for overemphasizing spring training stats.  A bit of foreshadowing.
April 8, 2008:  "Hurricane Katrina is Good for Profit Margins."  A DV rip job of Red Sox ownership and its "Red Sox Nation" fan club heirarchy, perhaps calling out "Vice President" Rob Crawford.  Gets a comment from "Vice President" Rob Crawford!

Also on April 8 (we actually had a really good week), DV posted the blog's 506th post, "A Good Negotiation to Win" and got a pretty special troll comment: 

I'm sorry, i cant resist. I know you guys are doing this all in fun and what-not, so power to you, and i hope you all have fun with it.....BUT The smugness and pretentious odor that you oozes off these blogs is ridiculous. I've never seen such a display arrogance [sic] and stroking of eachothers [sic] and of course your own egos. i'm sure ill get blasted for this and have no interest in some sort of cyber fight. Basically, get over yourselves.....its real easy to blast evryone [sic] and everything sitting in ur damn chinos and cartigans [sic] at your desk. my guess is none of you have played baseball since the glory days of little league......act like it

Arrogant, smug, pretentious:  Sure, guilty as charged.  After all, a lot of us, including both of us with administrative privileges, went to Colby College.  My Little League days weren't even glory days, although the only kid I ever faced who ended up playing professional baseball, I have a 1.000 on-base percentage against.  But at this point, the entire comments section did blow up at this tough guy, and that was greatly appreciated.  It was probably here that I realized that Pat and I had not only a following of readers that enjoyed our writing, but a following of readers that would stick up for us.  I appreciate loyalty, respect, and retaliation, although it may have just been in words.  And, to follow up on Pat's reason we're calling it quits after five years, I think if we didn't have you guys, we would have gone on with the rest of our lives a lot sooner than now.  The theme of "Chinos and Cartigans" did re-surface several times over the subsequent 1100+ posts on How Youz Doin Baseball over the next few years. 

I also like to think that I was adequately critical of myself when it comes to my own performance as a high-level athlete.  I hold myself to the same standards as the baseball players I criticize.  More on this in the comments section, perhaps.

I hope you guys get a chance to click through some if not all of these links today.  There will be more coming throughout the week.  I anticipate that we'll be done for good by the first weekend of December.


Anonymous said...


I just read the "cardigans and chinos" post again and was shocked that I didn't comment. Maybe more disappointed than anything else. I know that at some point a non-regular commented negatively about this site and I absolutely piled on. I'm bummed I wasn't involved in arguably the most infamous post ever on HYD.

Also--this was a great post today. It was great to look back and see not only the different story lines, but also remember where I was in my life.

This blog has been a really fun part of my life now for almost five years. When I was in school I checked it after classes and once I started working I checked it first thing in the morning when I fired up my computer. The days where there would be 19 comments on a post were terrific and it seemed like everyone who posted really got what the blog was about--a group of friends shooting the shit about baseball and venting when it was necessary (which was often).

I will miss this blog very much. Being able to pull up a page that felt the same way about Manny Ramirez or Lebron James or guys who played hard or guys who were grossly overpaid was really enjoyable. Being able to share my opinions with people I knew but couldn't necessarily communicate with without this page was even better. You and Pat made a selfless commitment to all of us and I'm grateful that you did.

--the Gunn

the gm at work said...

On accountability: As I have said many times, including in this post, I like to think I hold myself as an athlete (with my running garbage) to the same standards as I hold the people I either praise or criticize on this site.

For example, on Sunday I ran the Philadelphia Half-Marathon and finished ninth, over two minutes slower than the winner. As you may know, I won the full marathon there in 2010. But right now I deserve Ian Kennedy 2008 level criticism. I could think, as probably a C-list American, I'm hot stuff as long as I'm winning races against soft fields. However, once I step up to any kind of B-list Americans or C-list Africans (both of which happened on Sunday), I get blown out. I actually ran eight seconds faster on Sunday than I've ever run before over that distance, and almost a full minute faster than the time that got me second place in this very race in 2008.

So just like Ian Kennedy could throw similar or even better performances in the major leagues and get blown out (then get criticized here and elsewhere), I threw an incontrovertibly better game (easier to quantify in my sport) and got shelled by better competition.

I'm proud to say that unlike Kennedy, I'll criticize myself, say my performance is inadequate, and say that I got blown out instead of talking about how I thought I ran a good race out there.

That's my bit about having the license to criticize people. I hold myself to the same standard.

the gm at work said...


I hopped off the plane at LAX with my chinos and cardigans. I'm glad HYD has been a positive part of your life over the past five baseball seasons, and I think I can speak for Pat as well by saying it's had a similar (though admittedly more cumbersome) impact of our own.

I don't hold it against you that you didn't pile onto that stiff. If you remember the time you piled on, feel free to post it in the comments section, because I can't possibly find every post myself.

As Pat said a little while ago, the days of nineteen comments are long gone, and that's because all of our lives here in the comments section have changed. I'm pretty sure that between the time we started off and now, we've all spent time as full-time students. Now we have more accountability at whichever professional organizations we're with now, whether it's the inability to get your real job done, getting yelled at, or not even having the choice to JD around because the blog has been blocked by a content-filtering device. I'm sure that if it happened in 2007 instead of 2011, the Best Team Ever's collapse would have generated 60 comments. But that's just not the way life is for any of us anymore.

Glad to know that you especially enjoyed HYD because we were so hideously correct about Manny, Lebron, Drew, and others. I'm disappointed to say that you didn't say anything in that paragraph about us being in agreement about 46. Maybe in the winter of 2013 we'll re-launch when you and I are in agreement about this player.

It's been fun - and we're not done yet. I still have a few more links to post, and that will probably take us up until the final day or two of November.

Anonymous said...


Top-5 MVP finishes are legitimate. I was impressed with Jacoby Ellsbury all year long, not so much because he played so well, but because he bounced back at a time when a lot of people had given up on him. Unfortunately, I will say this (and I bet you agree with me here)--I don't expect him to be playing in Boston in April of 2014. And that's too bad.

--the Gunn

Ross Kaplan said...

I'll never forget from the very beginnings of the blog DV predicted how horrible the Lugo and Drew contracts would turn out to be and boy was he right about that. Thank you, DV and Pat for being responsible for the sports related web site I probably visit most.

the gm at work said...


Maybe he would have won it if he had reached that 40-steal plateau he sacrificed a game for.


Being right all the time definitely helps when you're in charge of a blog or any public forum. However, let's not call me prophetic: Predicting a guy who had half of a good season over the course of his career and a guy who had the reputation of someone who really didn't care to play the game too much except when cash was on the line would suck is not exactly going out on a limb.