Sunday, November 27, 2011

Greatest Hits (Part 3)

Continuing to record the best posts we've done.  As always, we welcome comments, either to look back or to call attention to other posts if there are any glaring ones we've missed.  I understand it's comical to list fifty posts as the best ever, but when you're weeding through over 1,600 posts, it's hard to leave some out.

February 2009:  "Your Words In Italics."  Dan Shaughnessy writes a stupid article about JD Drew.  DV responds.  DV's girlfriend drops by in the comments section under the gender-unspecific name "Beau."  It was not until 2011 that I found out that was her. 
March 2009:  "2009 Rivalry Matchups:  Bullpen."  A major point of contention was surrounding the 2009 Yankee bullpen, consisting of "a bunch of guys from SWB."  DV drops the infamous line first here.
May 2009:  "Who Wants To Win Baseball Games?  Not Brett Gardner."  The "Brett Gardner is a legitimate baseball player" versus "No he's not" argument really reaches a boiling point when Pat flips out.
August 2009:  "Who Wants To Sweep?  Not Francona."  Playing off of the previous title, DV writes another post about Francona's unwillingness to manage some games like sprints.
August 2009:  "Just Go Home."  Francona questions JD Drew's willingness to play baseball after the outfielder asks out of a game during which Clay Buchholz comes in as a pinch runner due to the team's array of injuries.  DV responds, Pat leaves a "DV-level analysis" in the comments section that still hangs in DV's office.
October 2009:  "F These Guys."  For the first time in many years, DV's natural hatred for individuals wearing pinstripes comes out as the Yankees close in on their 27th World Series.
November 2009:  "Perfect Attendance."  DV pays homage to Hideki Matsui, but as the Yankees clinch the Series, the comments section becomes the place for the New Yorkers to voice their pleasure.  Pat writes a poem the next morning.

February 2010:  "Come At Me Bro.  Come At Me Bud."  Allan "Bud" Selig, MLB commissioner, is compared to William "Bro" Adams, Colby College president.  Neither character is painted in a favorable light.
February 2010:  "In Defense of the Run Batted In."  The evolution of HYD's sabermetric odyssey continues.
March 2010:  "Earthshattering Run Prevention Breakthroughs!"  A look at defensive metrics and "run prevention" that later proves to be downright prophetic.
May 2010:  "USC vs. Notre Dame."  Similar to USC under Pete Carroll, the Yankees get outmanaged but beat the Bridge Year team due to the significant talent disparity.
June 2010:  "The Anti-Red Sox."  The likability of the 2009-2010 Celtics is juxtaposed with the dislikability of the 2010 Red Sox.  A basketball argument springs up.  "Marino" makes an appearance.

This seems like a good transition point, as the next "Greatest Hit" was when "The Decision" sent shockwaves throughout sports and How Youz Doin.  Also coming Monday night, PF and DV trade barbs, John Henry's "plane talk" gets ripped apart, Eric Ortiz of NESN writes a stupid article, PF vents his frustration about the fact that Youkilis and Pedroia only hit against New York, the Red Sox collapse, and a little bit of forgotten Bobby Valentine analysis appears.

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