Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Greatest Hits (Part 2)

A continuation of Tuesday's post...

August 2007:  "Now People in the Metropolitan Area Do Need A Helmet."  Forgot this one yesterday, but ti's another classic Pat F post written between 12:30 and 3 in the morning.  Also, Bandi trolls From the Bronx about Phil Rizzuto. 
October 2007:  "Lots of Consecutive Professional At-Bats."  Red Sox win World Series, Matt busts DV's balls about the Beckett/Lowell trade he hated so much.
October 2007:  The A-Rod opt-out fall out occupies How Youz Doin for pretty much the rest of the month. 
"Teeing Off on the Former Third Baseman."
"More on the Selfish Mutant."
"Red Sox Fans:  Will You Quit?"

April 2008:  "Fans, Gunn, and THE Waterville House of Pizza."  As DV compares pre-pink hat Red Sox fans to "townies," The Gunn offers his own perspective as a townie from Waterville.
June 2008:  "Stop Drinking Protein Shakes You Meathead."  The second most visited post in our history, Pat blows up at the Yankees' new manager.  In the comments section, he said that four Yankee relievers literally suck.
December 2008:  "I Am A Professional Athlete."  DV does not like the fact that Hideki Okajima decided to run the Honolulu Marathon.  Instead of training for a marathon he should have trained for baseball so he would not be a disaster in 2009 and 2010 or out of the majors in 2011.  Check out the splits here.

Uh-oh.  Here comes the Mark Teixeira stuff.

October 2008:  "Tex Education."  DV starts calling Teixeira a role player.
November 2008:  "No Tex, No Problem."  DV uses word play to call Teixeira a bad fit for Boston. 
December 2008:  "Teixeira is a Yankee."  Teixeira ruins Gunn's Christmas.
December 2008:  "Step Out [sic] From That Ledge My Friend." The battleground continues in a 36-comment post.

Lots more, including more Teixeira battles, barbs being thrown about New Yankee Stadium, Brett Gardner, and other stuff. 

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