Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Greatest Hits (4 of 4)

My final selection of twelve posts that deserve a second look.  Especially looking back on these posts while trying to find the greatest hits, it's put into context that How Youz Doin has remained a significant part of my life for a long time.  What started as a daily update of OkayTUNA14's AOL Instant Messenger profile became something a lot bigger.  I'm glad Pat talked me into it, and I'm glad we got people reading this stuff for so long.

July 2010:  "Overmatched."  As DV goes under the knife for surgery, Pat sends him an unfriendly memo.  The one-hour special involving a narcissistic basketball player is discussed in great detail.
July 2010:  "$4,125,000."  Facing off over AJ Burnett and the debate regarding "value" and "winning," the authors and commenters get a little testy.
August 2010:  "A Madman, Your Honor."  In an indictment of 46's on-field actions, DV channels Fletcher Reede and Ross Kaplan questions Pat's whereabouts in an office-wall-worthy comment.
August 2010:  "No."  Johnny Damon-to-the-Sox rumors swirl, DV kills the NESCAC in general.
September 2010:  "How Wrong Was He?"  Pat claims victory in the Battle of Mark Teixeira.
October 2010:  "Clueless."  As the Yankees are eliminated, Pat provides a cocktail of anger and insight in a way that only he can pull off.
December 2010:  "There Isn't a 48% Tax in Soccer."  DV's response to John Henry's "Neither Will Your Readers" interview and questions whether the Red Sox ownership cares about winning at all.  If people are looking, maybe for a research paper, how Red Sox fans view George Steinbrenner, this might be a good counter-argument.
January 2011:  "Texts From Last Night."  Sort of a collaborative post between the two authors, the Eric Ortiz NESN.com article about the 2011 Red Sox challenging the 1927 Yankees as the best team in baseball history is dissected line by line.
May 2011:  "It's Not the Losing that Bothers Me."  It's the fact that Youkilis and Pedroia only hit the Yankees, explains Pat.  Angry Pat is really the most entertaining version of Pat.
July 2011:  "Great Game."  I assume that by the time of this article's publication, Bobby Valentine will be the new manager of the Red Sox.  In the wake of Bobby V criticizing Adrian Gonzalez for about five innings straight during an ESPN Sunday Night Baseball game (insert punch line here), this is a more interesting post in hindsight.
July 2011:  "DJ3K."  In one of our most read articles ever, Pat waxes poetic about Derek Jeter.
September 2011:  "Hang Fifty."  The Red Sox deserve to lose, argues DV. 
September 2011:  "Terry Francona, Fat Little Girlfriend."  Francona deserves to lose his job, win or lose, argues DV.  After about a month, most of these statement prove to be correct.

This is it, guys.  Depending on my willingness to contribute one more bonus post, we should be done with this project by the end of the week or next Monday at the very latest.


Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for re-posting all these old posts. Each one provides the equivalent of re-reading a passage from a favorite book. It's really enjoyable.

In reading these classics, I've noticed a few things--for one, the Bronx just showed up out of nowhere, stayed for about two years, and then never posted again. It was as if he died. The same can be said for other people who commented on this blog, but none of them made the same impact that Bronx did. I missed him and all of his hatred toward Melky Cabrera. He was obviously a smart guy and a committed fan. Aside from Featherston and Ross he was the only Yankee fan we heard from.

Also--I commented on just about every one of these posts. I did not realize how dedicated I was to this blog. And it makes me realize just how much I am going to miss it. I know I won't be the only one.

--the Gunn

the gm at work said...


Going through all the old ones to try to find the best was a similar experience - just in higher volume. I hope I did a good job with it, and I hope I didn't de-emphasize Pat's posts too much.

Regarding From the Bronx, he showed up the last week of May 2007 and was a regular contributor here until the last week of May 2010. Then we never heard from him again. I know this much: He was posting either from NYC or more probably upstate New York, close to Buffalo. I had no idea who he was, nor did Pat. Pat, for a while, thought he was a Bandi alter ego. He seemed to be an older gentleman with detailed knowledge of the Yankees during the early Steinbrenner years and while I think Bandi's a clever guy, compiling that much information just to tool on Pat is probably not in his repertoire.

It was great to have him there for as long as he was there, not only because having someone outside our own circle enhanced our credibility, but also because it was a counterpoint where Pat may have otherwise had a monopoly on Yankee-based opinions.

On your own contributions, I think it's true that I haven't seen you more than once, if at all, since 2007, but I feel like I know you now more than I knew you when I saw you around campus when we were there together. I appreciate your consistent dedication to this blog and your contributions to it.

Anonymous said...

First of all- Great work by DV and PF on this blog for four years. Really enjoyed it. I have fallen off posting over the last year or so but in reading some of the old posts I am reminding how often I commented and how much fun I had. If nothing else it was a way to keep some relationships with some Colby folks going.

I will reaffirm that I was not FTB- his knowledge of obscure topics and mediocre baseball players was too in depth for me to have compiled. That said, he did provide an intersting outside perspective to blog.

Thanks again guys for the consistency and effort here.


Ross Kaplan said...

Despite not commenting as much as I used to, I still try to check the blog at least once per day so like Jon and Gunn I will certainly miss it when it's gone. Thank you DV and Pat for refreshing my memory of why I spent so much time at this blog.