Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When are we going to leave?

It's Terry Francona's fault that he rushed you back to Boston after your three-hour morning meeting.  He should have known it was Yacht Week and sailing all day, enjoying the sea and sun takes precedence over personnel moves unless they result in being up 20%.


ZWeiss said...

I'm assuming you saw JWH's tweet about how it's Francona's "fault" that he slipped. Can they just sell the damn team already? I'm convinced Crawford, Lackey and Daisuke were not necessarily Theo's idea--they were pushed on him by some owners who wanted to make a big free agent splash. M-F'ers.

The GM said...

How dare Francona interrupt Yacht Week! Let's try to make a connection here:

John Lackey sucked, but it's the weather's fault.
Jon Lester sucked, but it's the ballpark's fault.
JD Drew sucked, but it's the shoulder's fault.
Adrian Gonzalez sucked, but it's God's fault and ESPN's fault for scheduling too many Sunday Night games.
Theo Epstein's high-priced free agents suck, but it's Francona's fault and not his own.

It all comes down from the top: It's not JWH's fault that he failed to show up and take responsibility for his actions. It's Francona's fault.