Wednesday, October 12, 2011

They Freakin Whacked Him

A "Red Sox source" goes into Terry Francona's personal life with a Boston Globe reporter.

It was revenge for saying ownership's support...and a lot of other things.

First a fun fact:  HYD has been getting a lot of search engine traffic lately, not for the quality of my unprecedented depth of rants, but because HYD's post "Terry Francona, Fat Little Girlfriend" is third on Google when you search for "Terry Francona Girlfriend."  Welcome to all of you coming for the first time, but I'm sorry, you will not find what you think you're going to find here.  No pics unless they're created poorly in Microsoft Paint.

Guys, here are some FNOs.  I know many personal details about Red Sox players, past and present, that I have heard from sources.  I strike them from the record, because there used to be an unwritten rule in baseball where you don't go into that kind of stuff.  Despite my blog, where I have the power to post a lot of these things if I wanted to, I have more respect for the human beings who happen to play baseball than to do that. 

John Schuerholz did this with I think Tom Glavine back around six years ago, and I KILLED him for it in a previous writing incarnation.  It's becoming harder and harder to actually write my post on how much the ownership triumvirate sucks because I have so much ammunition.

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Stat of the day: no team that sucked has ever made the MLB playoffs.


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