Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September Wish List

Still a long three days until I actually get the Internet (or television for that matter) at my new house, so greetings from The GM At Work.  Now that it's almost a quarter over, I am providing my wish list for this coming September for what I'd like to see from the Red Sox.

1.  The switch turned on.  What, are the Red Sox now four games behind New York in the loss column?  Okay, maybe not, as they blew out Toronto last night.  This is how this team should be playing, Beckett or no Beckett, every night.  This is how the Yankees (a slightly inferior team) plays every night.  But the Red Sox, like the Celtics of late, turned the switch off over the past week.

2.  Bullpen stability.  I was at the Sunday game, and while Felix Doubront probably won't be on the playoff roster, that was a rough afternoon.  The walks, the home runs, everything.  Bowden, who also won't be on that roster, gave up the longest home run I've ever seen live.  But Albers is still pitching poorly.  Everyone except for the two solid guys and Aceves has been shaky at best.  Not the best momentum to bring into the postseason.  Now that they're pitching against a lot of September call-ups/minor leaguers, it's time to get things right.

3.  A .400 average from 46.  He's historically hit quite well against September call-up pitchers.  Time to do it again.

4.  A .400 average from Carl Crawford.  Magadan's got all the confidence in the world in this guy.  While moving this weekend, I read a Sports Illustrated article from April saying that Crawford's slow start is the least of the Red Sox' worries.  It's September 7th.  How about now?

5.  A healthy Josh Beckett.  This obviously is not going to happen.  But think about this and it may keep you up at night:  When was the last time Beckett was healthy in October?  Not last year.  Not either of the two years before.  It was 2007.  That was four years ago.  Is it time to return to the old 2006 refrain of "this guy can't stay healthy for a whole season?"  Starting to look that way.

6.  Iglesias innings.  The Lowrie experiment is not exactly successful.  Scutaro will likely be done after the year.  Aviles should not play every day.  Let's get this guy in for some meaningful at-bats just to see how he might be able to hit in the majors.

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the gm said...

There was another one I had written down, and I found the list after having whipped up this post.

7. Production out of right field. Reddick has hit his traditional cold streak. Unfortunately he might end up being Brian Daubach. JD is taking his sweet-ass time coming back from his shoulder impingement after everyone pegged him as the Red Sox' key to a successful September. I'm sure his setback finger injury is really legitimate. But as they have all season, the team is back to getting jack from right field.