Friday, September 23, 2011

Further Accountability

Theo Epstein:  The performance of JD Drew, Bobby Jenks, Josh Beckett, and others who have performed prettty much at their expected level is Terry Francona's fault.

Theo Epstein:  The poor scouting of Carl Crawford (despite private investigators) and John Lackey (despite the progressively worse numbers since 2002 with the exception of 2007) is Terry Francona's fault.

Theo Epstein:  I don't have the balls to admit to my lack of accountability, so I'll let my boy Peter Gammons out to dry and call him a liar.  After all, he was wrong about Lackey's elbow.

Have fun in Chicago, you freaking wimp.

Best Team Ever.

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The GM said...

You haven't seen that kind of backstabbing of people who have done quite a bit for you since Arroyo for Wily Mo Pena, another fantasticly good transaction by the Boy Wonder.