Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Best Team Ever

A few quick ones, as the Best Team Ever enjoys their first day sharing a first place tie with Tampa atop the wild card race:

1.  Sorry.  Can't kill John Lackey for flipping out at the media the other night.  I know you want me to, but I can't do it.  It's a group of guys he doesn't (and probably shouldn't) trust, and someone probably leaked his cell phone number to TMZ.  Crush him all you want for his lack of performance on the baseball field.  And you can't crush him for divorcing his wife in the middle of her cancer battle, either.  We're not talking about John Edwards here.  Suppose she was tired with his whining and making the whole thing about himself and his life sucking back in May. 

2.  Josh Beckett is an ace.  Notice how he didn't use the curveball last night?  Anyone see him in the dugout tugging on his right middle finger during last Wednesday's game?  You know where I'm going with this.  He continues the trend of a guy who cannot pitch through an entire baseball season.

3.  Credit due to 46 for his home run on Sunday, but what are the chances he plays tonight?  Also huge ups to the bullpen.  Can't believe Franklin Morales gave some innings.

4.  Jed Lowrie should not hit left handed.

5.  Go easy on Adrian Gonzalez as he gravitates toward the two most inefficient things you can do as an offensive player.  He has a sore shoulder. 

6.  Tampa's playing the Yankees, so the Red Sox can coast into the playoffs now.  Just keep the same attitude they've had all year.  They have better things to do than play baseball next week, so I have better things to do than watch them play baseball next week.


The GM said...

For the record, #1 is not sarcastic. Can't kill him. I'm killing Beckett and Gonzalez, but not Lackey. There's plenty of on-field crap you can kill Lackey for, so it's not necessary to start killing him for off-field crap.

the gm at work said...

Also, memo to Beckett. Waaaah, I don't have my personal catcher. Go away.

Anonymous said...

You haven't seen a post from me in a week. Sometimes that happens because I just don't post. This time, I go into most nights planning on posting, and then it just doesn't seem appropriate in light of what's going on. A post about ian kennedy's season (almost completely necessary given how often he was discussed on this site) just doesn't fit right now. Every good play-by-play or color analyst knows 2 things: 1. When to let your partner in the booth do the talking because they know more about the issue taking place than you; and 2. When to stay silent and let what's happening on the field do the talking. Both of those things are relevant for me right now.

- pf

the gm at work said...


What's really amazing is Ian Patrick Kennedy, in his own mind, is about 33-0 with an ERA of 0.74, seventeen complete-game shutouts, and four no-hitters. He even has four saves on two days' rest because the Dbacks needed him. Most dominant season in baseball history.

Well, except for the one the Red Sox had this year in Eric Ortiz's mind...and that of everyone who writes for the Worldwide Leader.

Anonymous said...

I can't a remember a time when I have been so sure that a team was going lose as I have been with the Red Sox over the last few weeks. What an epic collapse.

You know what though, if you are objective you had to feel like this was coming at some point. For all snide "laser show" or "I thought you were going to ask me about" remarks, for all the times the pitching staff has imitated IPK at the interview table, for all the sore shoulders and throwing down old men (Manny), and mysterious steroid investigations, and intensity on the mound- this team had it coming at some point.

Somehow this team has remained a media/ESPN darling for all these years in spite of the fact that so many of these guys are so unlikeable (to people outside of Boston). You have to feel like the Orioles must be excited to play the spoiler here and knock them out.

Is it frustrating as a Red Sox fan- yes. But even I'm tired of the current Red Sox attitude, arrogance, and general feeling that they are above criticism and and above accountability. I'm hoping there's a shake-up of some sort here (I don't know if needs to be new players/manager or both).


Anonymous said...

Also two more things:

Boston- worst media in the country. I say worst because the media is supposed to at least pretend to be objective. Not here. The media in this town is so biased and such a fan of the teams it's ridiculous.

Lackey- I understand where you are coming from, but I resonate more with the Gunn's statement from a day or two ago. Putting aside the texting incident prior to his last start- the guy always has excuses, and no answers. If you are hurt or something then say that. But stop complaining about how there was just one hard hit ball (in a huge inning where you gave up a lot of runs). Stop complaining about pitching in Fenway park. You are not getting the job done. You're ERA is over 6. When that's the case, I can respect someone who is frustrated and wants to try to figure this out. I quickly grow tired of someone that wants to point blame outward instead of accepting responsiblity.

the gm at work said...


Whole-heartedly agree. I have heard from at least three people in the last day who are feeling the way I felt about a week ago, hoping they choke it because it's what this team so sorely deserves. It's embarrassing. Your second paragraph in Comment 5 was perfect. How about the "neither will your readers" remark? This team is a joke from the top all the way down.

You know the Orioles are a team that wants to bring down Boston between the Kevin Gregg feud with the Red Sox' dual GM/manager (I'm referring to the designated hitter, of course) to the Buck Showalter comments in March to the fact that Erik Bedard is on the Boston roster now.

I'm not necessarily an anti-Francona guy, but as I wrote a few days ago, Francona could handle a team of motivated individuals and be a good manager. He cannot handle a team of guys who want to work on their mid-range iron shot in right field instead of work on fundamentals in March, whine all season about scheduling and interleague play, sit out games with a sore calf after hitting a bomb off the same sore calf, make pitching staff decisions as the designated hitter, complain about how difficult it is to grip a ball in the rain while Clayton Richard is pitching a gem opposite you in the same freaking game, complain about the dimensions of Fenway Park, play when you want to play, and take both April and September off. They need a Dick Williams.

the gm at work said...

A continuation:

...watch idly as passed balls go to the backstop, watch idly as the pitcher bowls a baseball past you at first base, let routine fly balls go off your glove, dodge the baseball because a piece of bat is coming in your direction, miss cutoff men, misplay fly balls to the wall, blow up at reporters asking about your personal life, blow up at reporters asking about your phantom neck injury, miss a game because you were uncomfortable on the plane ride over, whine about your contract, or pull off any of the other entitled Scott Nicholson embarrassing garbage that has been evident on this team since AT LEAST 2009. Enjoy your day; I'm done.

the gm at work said...

...and fail to cover first base on a ground ball between first and second. Or get picked off first base. Or get thrown out at second base to end the game. Or get thrown out at third base in an attempt to get your fortieth steal in a situation that presents ABSOLUTELY NO ADDITIONAL VALUE TO YOUR TEAM'S CHANCE TO WIN THE BASEBALL GAME.