Sunday, September 18, 2011


Poor you.

"We had a 300-foot fly ball that goes out for a homer.  That's the difference in the game.  That's the joy of playing at Fenway Park.  It takes some away and gives some to other guys.  If we're in Tropicana, that's an out."
-Jon Patrick Lester, who gave up a two-run home run in the first inning of Saturday's game.  Would have been a solo shot had he not walked an eager "pesky" (Dave O'Brien's word) rookie on four straight pitches.  Thanks for turning into Javier Lopez.  You come in from the bullpen and can't find the plate.

If that one quote doesn't sum up the 2011 Boston Red Sox, I don't know what does.

Stealing third base does you no good if there are two outs and you're the fastest guy on the planet.  Learn how to play baseball.  MVP.  I've said all season that 46 might be the dumbest player on baseball.  How can I go back on that?

Tim Wakefield is just plain not that good.

It's time for Buck Showalter to back up the trash he talked in March.  Lackey and Weiland should be able to help.

JD, sorry to hear about your sore neck, which has delayed your comeback from sore finger...which has delayed your comeback from sore shoulder.  Somehow, sabermetrically-savvy Red Sox fans still vouch for this guy. 

A related topic:  Yankees fans STILL kill Kyle Farnsworth.  Who decides he has a sore elbow.  This kind of toughness in the face of injuries makes me wonder if the Red Sox will be pursuing him anytime soon.

On a rare positive note, seems like Beckett is going to be okay.  I wonder why he missed so much time with his sore ankle in the first place if he fielded that bunt as smoothly as he did (not sarcastic, more critical).  Also, good for Mike Aviles (not sarcastic either, but the next sentence is).  He should keep knocking balls out of the park so he eliminates the possibility he gets picked off first base at a critical time.


Anonymous said...


Had Jon Lester been pitching in Tropicana he'd have given up four runs in four innings like he did last Sunday. So what difference does it make how far away the wall is at Fenway?

Also, I'm a known fan of Jacoby Ellsbury. Stealing 3rd base in that spot doesn't do any good for him or the team. Bad play, bad decision.

Sox need to sweep today's double-header and yet I bet you every Sox fan who pays any attention at all would be thrilled just to split.

--the Gunn

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that swiping meaningless bags does help some agents and players whose deals may or may not soon be expiring. Let's not confuse greed with stupid.

the gm at work said...

Anon 12:29 - 40 stolen bases is more valuable than 39.