Monday, August 8, 2011

Series Reaction Thread

Okay, I had a post drawn up, but don't find it to be extremely relevant in the wake of last night's game and what was overall a pretty entertaining series.  Many things to talk about, including...

-Lester's one bad inning and why, for a brief moment of time, he reverted to the pitcher we were all skeptical of back in 2007 with all the walks.
-Why CC Sabathia can run up the score on the entire league except for the Red Sox.  Is this a sample size thing?  Is it mental?  Is it scouting? 
-The lack of the ability to capitalize on the big innings in games 1 and 3 for both teams.  Haven't looked, but the RISP numbers can't be too good.
-Josh Reddick's walkoff or the professional hitting (including even 46's bunt, no matter how bad it was) that made it possible in the ninth.
-46's Hall of Fame credentials after going 3-12 (.250) in the series.
-Whether John Lackey (as proposed on sports radio yesterday) is, in fact, an effective pitcher despite all the flaws.  Guy's got ten wins.
-Whether first place matters.  Dustin Pedroia said after Friday that if they won on Saturday, they'd be back in first place, punctuated with a sarcastic "Yay." Not sure if that's the attitude I really like in there.

You know me, and you know that I'm going to blow up big-time on David Ortiz's over-the-weekend comments after hitting .209 or so over the past month.  But I can wait a day to do that.


Anonymous said...


Ellsbury also drove in seven runs in the series--two fewer than the Yankees scored in all three games combined. Also, 12 AB's is a pretty small sample size. I'm more concerned about his 462 total AB's where he's hitting .318/.374/.517 with 19 homers and 72 RBI.

As for the series itself, last night's game was a classic example of one that the Sox normally lose. They were the team that had all the chances. They also had all the squanders. Normally that Gardner home run happens and then the game is over. But this is at least the second time the Sox have won one of these games (the other being the 16 inning game in Tampa). It makes me think that this team may have the character, in addition to the talent, to win in the playoffs.

Also--you have to think that the Sox would have at least 2-3 more wins if Josh Reddick had been playing right field all year instead of since June. He may not be the long-term answer in right field, but he's certainly been great in the interim. And I can say for certain that I'm pulling for him to make it happen.

Why was Varitek swinging on 3-0? Is there any legitimate answer to that question?

Lastly, if Carl Crawford continues to give the Sox production going forward the next few months should be a lot of fun.

--the Gunn

Anonymous said...


Didn't you know that Ellsbury loses points every time he hits a home run or has an rbi? Duh.

I half expected to pull up the blog today and see another sob story from Featherston about how so and so only hits well against the Yankees or how Sabathia pitches well against everyone but the Red Sox and about how that's not fair. PF doesn't seem to realize sometimes that Red Sox/Yankees games actually count as real games and that you can't complain about "Yankee Killers" that raise their game when playing one of the best teams in the league.

Gunn, also, the reason Varitek was swinging on 3-0 was that the pitch was a high ball and doing so would ensure that he would pop the ball up and continue to be useless in big spots. No sense taking a walk there and helping the team.

Finally, I think first place matters for the Red Sox because regardless of what the stats say (I haven't checked), I have more confidence in the offense at home. I get that in some cases home field does not matter but it does for the Sox in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

The sox had all the chances and all the squanders?!?! The yankees left runners on 2nd and 3rd in innings 2-5, the bases loaded in the 8th, and were 0-10 with risp!!!!! The yankees were 2 lousy base hits from scoring 5 or 6 runs.


the gm at work said...


On 46, hold on, I need to read my index cards. Back in December 2007 my attitude toward 46 was injured during a collision in left field with Scott Boras and Alex Rodriguez, and I never got an MRI for it despite asking for one. The fact that I have been more or less personally (hold on, next index card) attacked everywhere I've gone in the past month by all these binder people was kind of like re-injuring the whole thing. I have been demonized and cussed out at road races, parties, and sports bars up and down the eastern seaboard this summer for expressing my opinion of "46 is not the best baseball player who's ever lived."

I admitted in a post two weeks ago that he hasn't sucked this year, and where were you guys? Answer (on the next index card):

You guys pulled a "Pat F July" on me - in other words, you completely disappeared. No "thank you," no nothing. Fine. You guys clearly think it's okay to endorse the events of Game 4 of the 2007 World Series. That's your opinion. That's not my (next index card) opinion.

The fact that he hit .250 in the series is NOT an opinion, nor is the fact that he had seven RBIs. It is an opinion that in an at-bat when you're ALSO up 3-0 with the bases loaded and you happen to be hitting .320, you shouldn't be trying to launch the ball 550 feet and pop out after getting under the ball. Whatever. Moving along:

Gunn, I agree that this is the kind of game the Red Sox typically lose, and I also think there's something special about this team when they decide to flip the switch on. To be honest, after talking to Red Sox fans (before, of course, I provide my 46 opinions), it seems like we are in the minority here.

Nobody will be rooting harder for Carl Crawford from here on in.

Bandi, I like to think first place matters because I like to think these guys are competitive, all home field advantage aside. That's why the Pedroia comment bothered me.

John said...

I think the Pedroia comment was more of a 'tons of games left, no reason to really worry about being 1 game back right now' rather than a 'I don't care about winning the division'. I could be wrong with that. Anyway, other than an extra game in each series(if it even comes to that), winning the division doesn't really do much, in fact depending on match ups you could be better off not winning the division.

Ross Kaplan said...

I'd have felt a whole lot better about this series had the Yankees been blown out last night. I'm sure Pat feels the same way, but there's nothing I hate more than losing games that appear to be in hand especially those games against Boston and worst of all, it brought back bad memories of 04.

At the end of the day, Boston is a much better team then NY, but only have a one game lead so rationally it really is not all that much of a big deal. Garcia, Colon and the bullpen pitched surprisingly well and proved that just maybe they could be decent 3-4 playoff starters after all. There's almost no doubt that both teams are making the playoffs, but both still have big flaws that need to be remedied before then.