Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Some Guys Just Can't Handle Lake Buena Vista

Bringing back a classic picture in honor of the fact that I'm currently in Lake Buena Vista.  Consider it an installment in "The Best Of HYD Baseball." 

Just wanted to let you know that after three days so far at Lake Buena Vista and drinking the water here, I did just take a look at the numbers from 2006 and before from Julio Lugo and JD Drew.  They didn't look like anything worth a combined nine years and $106 million.  So it wasn't just something in the water.  A 63-game sample of good baseball with Tampa Bay does not mean you're a good baseball player.  Jed Lowrie can put up those numbers, and he did this year.

I'll be checking in sporadically.  Feel free to leave your comments.


Anonymous said...


The Red Sox have the second best record in the AL. And the third best record in all of baseball. On one level, it sounds great. On another, it's disappointing (considering all the talk of a 100 win season during the spring and winter).

But think about it like this--they are 49-35 and they have, without question, the two WORST players in AL on their team. And they are playing SIGNIFICANT roles. Even if the Sox just played Josh Reddick and started either Andrew Miller or Wakefield all year you have to think they'd be three to five wins ahead of this pace.

Also, JD Drew and John Lackey are basically the most extravagant welfare recipients of all time. The $32 million they're making this year is beyond anything I can comprehend. Throw in Daisuke's contract and you have to think that when it comes to small signings/trades/the draft, that Theo is your man. But in the world of big money free agents he has to be the worst GM in baseball.

--the Gunn

the gm on vacation said...


I think the worst in baseball is taking it a little too far. He is bad, yes. I do truly think in my heart of hearts that he is worse than average and some of his irrational exuberance could have crippled some teams that are not funded by a guy who was up 20% last year.

Just checked the news and found out that there's been some interesting stuff going on with this team. Lackey - wow. Good to see that Cameron has a home. Lester's lat is a problem, and between that and the fact that Buchholz is now going to see a specialist about his injury is cause for continued skepticism surrounding this team's medical staff.

I still, as I've said, blame the medical staff largely for the "disaster" that was Mike Cameron's time in Boston, as they mishandled his situation. I can say this with authority because I had the same injury at the same time, had the surgery three weeks after they determined what it was instead of bs'ing around for 2/3 of a season. I was back running in eight days and Cameron was unable to make necessary cuts to follow fly balls.

I thought you were gonna ask me about JD Drew having the second-highest OPS of all AL outfielders.

Have a great day, fellas.