Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's the Point?

I am as skeptical of doctors as the next guy, especially after all the crap I went through as an athlete in the year 2010.  But at what point do the Boston Red Sox' doctors lose their practicing licenses?  The fact that this baseball team is going to start arguing with the National Treasure about whether surgery is necessary is embarrassing.

How many times is this going to happen?  The team did this with Schilling, getting him to rehab instead of getting the problem fixed.  (He later had surgery and never pitched again.)  The team did this with Mike Cameron last year, just to have him play like garbage until August and push back his recovery by five months.  They were at a complete discord with 46, although I agree with the team in the respect that 46 is a complete pussy.  Now they want Matsuzaka to "rehab" a torn UCL, come back in September, get shelled and cost the team some games in a pennant race, and have surgery in October? 

That's brilliant.

At what point do potential free agents (especially Boras guys), while evaluating teams in the free agent process, get driven away from the Boston Red Sox because their doctors are 1) incompetent, 2) confrontational, and 3) hazardous to the players' long term well-being and earnings?  Because that's exactly what is true.  The medical staff is even worse than the "take two aspirin and make us proud" philosophy preached by former minority owner Dr. Arthur Pappas of the 1990s.

Not that I trust Dr. Lewis Yocum at all.  Yocum told 46 to chill out in Arizona when he was fine.  He's also associated with Boras, so he's the kind of doctor who would be okay with a player opting out of his contract during an elimination game in the World Series.  The complete opposite of the Red Sox' doctors, this guy exists so that players can cash in on the free agent market, no matter what.

I feel like going through the medical process with the current Boston Red Sox' medical team is similar to a teenager playing sports at Reading (MA) High School, a reliever pitching for Joe Torre, or a construction worker working around asbestos.  It's hazardous to your health and well-being, both in the current time and in the future.  I understand the idea of how if Matsuzaka has the surgery, he may never pitch for the Red Sox again.  But what's better?  No Matsuzaka, or Matsuzaka in September 2011 pitching with a UCL at 70%?  Yes please on Alfredo Aceves or Felix Doubront.  Not kidding.

But no.  Here we go through another quagmire with these Red Sox doctors and a stubborn management team.


the gm at work said...

Two addenda, one on yesterday's violent torpedo of truth, one on today's violent torpedo of opinion:

1. In that first stretch of 46 the Slugger, the Red Sox went 6-11. In the second stretch of 46 the Slugger, the Red Sox went 0-4. In the stretch of 46 the Singles Hitter, the Red Sox were 24-11.

2. I blame the Red Sox 100% for Mike Cameron missing most of last year. Had the problem been addressed in March like it should have been, he would have been playing by June.

Anonymous said...


I doubt anyone will read this comment, but JD Drew just came up in the seventh inning after the Sox scored two to take a 7-6 lead over the A's tonight. He grounded the first pitch he saw weakly to second base. That at bat sums up his whole lousy career in Boston. I can't wait till his contract is up. What a joke.

--the Gunn