Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tonight, Almost Every Single And Walk...

...Should be a double.

Wakefield on the mound is a reason to look to steal.

Varitek behind the plate is a reason to look to steal.

Wakefield on the mound AND Varitek behind the plate should be more than looking to steal, it should be stealing. Almost every time.

This is a combination you don't see very often. With Salty out, the Red Sox don't have much choice. In addition to Wakefield throwing a pitch that is slow to get to home and Varitek generally not being able to throw people out, there is another issue: Varitek doesn't catch the knuckleball very well. Never has. Therefore the chances of him collecting a knuckler cleanly when a runner is going and throwing that runner out are that much lower.

With the exception of Teixeira, Swisher, and maybe Cervelli, everybody should be going. Everybody. Even if they get caught a few times, they should put pressure on Varitek and Wakefield to make plays all night. Could be a way to steal a few cheap runs.

The Yankees are 1-6 against this team in 2011. This is not the time to play timid. This is the time to be aggressive and force the issue. They should turn the bottom half of innings tonight into a track meet almost every time they get someone on base.


the gm at work said...


You say "almost." When would this not be okay? Considering the fact that Varitek CLLAS A GRATE GAEM!!1, I mean, is a passed ball liability, the Yankees' goal should be to frequently get to third base. Second base is something that can be accomplished by everyone except for maybe Posada/Martin/whoever. The Devil Rays and their emo-kid, Mac-using manager ran up the score doing exactly that, and there's no reason to do anything otherwise.

The challenge is obviously stealing first, but the Yankees have historically been okay doing that against Wakefield.

They should also consider getting hits against the relievers tonight, as well.

Anonymous said...

on another note i believe that BDD has been completely worthless this year, i say we start a campaign to get dv running it.

the gm said...

Next time Tampa Bay comes to down, there will be another campaign to enshrine Johnny Damon despite the amount of garbage that has come out of his mouth since the conclusion of the 2005 season. Don't worry.