Thursday, June 2, 2011

Quick, but Violent Torpedo of Truth

At a tradeshow all day, but I figured I'd throw out this nugget:  46 the Slugger is back.  After his two home runs last week, 46 has abandoned what has made him successful for the entire season, which is going with the pitch that's being thrown at him and making things happen.  This is instead of swinging for the fences, walking a lot, and striking out a lot.

April 1-April 20th:  .182, 4 HR, strikeout every 4.35 at-bats
April 20-May 27th:  .342, 2 HR, strikeout every 6.35 at-bats
Since the sixth home run:  .222, three strikeouts in the first game, strikeout every 3.6 at-bats.

The youngest 27-year-old outfielder in baseball history may also be the dumbest player I've ever watched. 

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