Thursday, June 9, 2011


The Yankees should be embarrassed of themselves.  We all understand the ebbs and flows of a baseball season and how teams can lose focus for a little while.  But they looked awful last night.  It didn't even look like the Red Sox were really clicking, except for Alfredo Aceves late.  The way last night went down is squarely on the Yankees' shoulders.  Going off of what Pat wrote last night, the team only stole one base.  They worked four walks while Yankee teams of the past would have worked about eight and stolen a base every time second base was open.  This was bad.

Burnett was similarly uninspiring.  Electric Stuff was awful.  Was Ortiz hit?  No.  He was served a meatball.  I particularly remember 46's double that was also a meatball.  I know there's a double standard here on HYD:  If Pat crushes a Red Sox player, I agree with him, but if I crush a Yankee player, he gets all defensive.  As I'm away from my computer all day today, enjoy that defense of Electric Stuff.  What a disaster that guy is.  I know he's come up big pretty regularly, but he turtled when it came to preventing 1-7.  Also great work by Teixeira, rising to the occasion with his 0-5 last night.

Also, the old Jeter would not, under any circumstances, ground into that double play.  During that at-bat, Aceves was clearly shaken and unfocused.  Not sure whether it was being back at NYS or whether it was the fact that the faucet inside his hat was on full blast, but he looked distracted out there.  Then Jeter gave him a gift.

Just one more thought on everybody's boy 46.  I think it was Jeter who hit a double over his head, and when he went to chase it, he used his glove to flip his hat off.  What is this guy, a Little Leaguer who wants to impress his parents by making it look like he's playing hard?  The guy's turning twenty-eight (28) this year but he acts like he's nine.

Also, congrats to JD, who overcame sore glove hand suffered on what should have been an error to gather RBIs 13, 14, and 15 last night.  He now has as many RBIs as Ortiz has home runs.


The GM said...

It's also a bummer to see that Pedroia might go under the knife for a knee injury. At what point is Pedroia labeled as a guy who's "injury prone?" It's a shame to see that he's on the way to losing back to back seasons due to somewhat-weird trauma injuries.

Anonymous said...

the turning point in the game last night came just before the jeter double play. with runners on first and second and one out, they held cano on the nunez single to load the bases. no problem there, down 4 runs don't want to give away an out at home. cervelli singled the next at bat, cano scores from third, but they hold gardner coming from second. can't have it. ball didn't get to crawford in a hurry, he doesn't have a spectacular arm, and gardner can fly. even a perfect play may not get him. when you have a chance to get it within 2, you be aggressive. far too conservative. then gardner gets a bad read on a past ball that would have scored him anyway, and also would have likely allowed another run to score on the jeter groundout. the yankees put themselves in that position by not being aggressive enough, which was exactly what i talked about in my post right before the game yesterday. shame on them. this includes the lack of stolen bases.

more disappointing than the yankees lack of aggressiveness was their lack of toughness. for the last 10 or so years, the sox have toed the line between edgy and dirty. their pitchers lead baseball in batters hit this year with 36. the next closest team is at 28. over roughly the last decade, the sox have hit the yankees TWICE as much as the yankees have hit them. you think this all happens by accident? pedro martinez was a dirty player. josh beckett is a dirty player. trot nixon was an edgy player. kevin youkilils is an edgy player. it's the way they play the game and it works for them.

i'm not proposing that the yankees play this way. the yankees' toughness has always been more mental than physical, at that suits them well because, though they are not the most talented team in the game every year, they are always close and on the aggregate are the most talented team over pretty much any x number of years you want to choose. the yankees have had a lot of success playing this way, so there is no reason to change who you are.

but that also doesn't mean that you let a team who plays a different way bring their game to you. the yankees have had, at 3 or 4 points over the last 10 years, an issue where the sox step on them and rub it in their faces while they do it. they won't just sweep the yankees, they'll hit 7 batters (mike lowell one time put doug mientkiewicz on the DL for 6 weeks by pummeling him between 1st and 2nd on a force out), take someone out at 2nd, and pose on homers while they do it. none of this, and i mean none of this, is illegal. i'm not whining here that the sox should stop doing any of it. i'm advocating that the yankees not allow them to do it.

al leiter said it best in the YES broadcast last night. the issue the yankees have is not retaliating by hitting one of their guys. the issue the yankees have is not making their hitters feel uncomfortable in the box. sox hitters go through these stretches where they look like they are sitting on a tropical island sipping lemonade in the batters box, that's how comfortable they are. so they can just dig in as much as they want. it's a lot easier to hit this way then when you at least have somewhere in your mind the thought that a ball might be coming inside. as leiter said, you have to at least make them move their feet. get them off the plate. get them to not dig in as much as they do. especially when they've scored something like 52 runs in 70 innings against you this season.

the yankees not doing so allows the sox to play their game. and when you let them play their game, they get in a groove. the yankees don't need to change their game, they need to alter it in ways that keeps the sox from playing theirs. that's the biggest problem right now.

- pf

Anonymous said...


Pedroia going down with the foot injury is certainly not a good thing, but it's not as bad as people would first like to think. He has not been good this year. Defensively, he's been solid (that's without checking his zone rating--he just looks like he's making good plays out there) but offensively he's been a major disappointment. And it's probably because he's been hurt. But I'm confident that with his OPS (.699) that it can be easily replaced by whatever Scutaro will provide.

Also, I know this falls on deaf ears, but Ellsbury is killing it right now. He's batting over .300. He's driving in runs. He's getting on base at a very good clip. You can't ask for anymore out of a lead off guy than that.


Everybody should run on Carl Crawford. His arm is Johnny Damon-esque. But, as you said, Gardner should have scored not once, but twice in that sequence and he failed to do so.

Also--where are Yankee fans on Derek Jeter right now? The ball he hit into a double-play was up and 85 MPH. If he can't hammer that type of pitch, what kind of pitch can he hit at this point? I realize that not all players hammer every mistake pitch, but still, that at bat seemed microcosmic of what he's been for the last year and a half.

--the Gunn

Anonymous said...

you don't ever want to see anybody get hurt, so i hope the news is positive for pedroia. that said he's been terrible, and if it wasn't for the yankees (on base 5 times already this series), his season would be borderline embarrassing. his numbers against teams besides the yankees are posada-esque.

commentary on ellsbury's performance is not missed by me. he's been objectively very good this season. not even dv could say that he hasn't and take himself seriously.

derek jeter is what he is. .270/.340 with no power. because of who he was as a player and continues to be as a key part of the clubhouse, people will make this out to be that he's the worst player and baseball and can't hit at all. but he's top 10 in hits amongst shortstops. it's unfortunate that he's no longer what he was, it's unfortunate that he is now compared amongst shortstops instead of the elite hitters in the game at any position, and .270 certainly isn't the best. but none of this is the worst. age has taken it's toll, something that was going to happen eventually, and it shouldn't be surprising. he's not what he was, but it's not like he's a zero whose performance is hurting the team. i think most yankees fans understand that just because he can't play at an elite level doesn't mean he can't play at all, frustrating as it may be at times.

- pf