Monday, June 13, 2011

Bad Day at the Market

John Henry's business commodity failed once again to show up in the fourth quarter last night, and the team from Florida, after The Decision, the circle-j that happened a few nights later, and a season full of hype and complete douchebaggery, was eliminated.  I'm very happy for Bandi, as he has been a Mavericks fan from the get-go.  But I'm also happy for America in general because the team from Florida lost.

I'm sure John Henry went to bed sad last night, as his business partner probably lost him a ton of money, as he's a lot less marketable as a three-quarter player than as a four-quarter player.  I wonder if JWH texted him last night something along the lines of "you'll never walk alone."  Although he did walk alone down that tunnel, just as he did after the Celtics series last year.

Most likely, the Red Sox' absolute throttling of the Blue Jays this weekend and their nine-game winning streak has gone completely under the radar.  You may not understand why.

Neither will your readers.


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Thanks for the encouragement on the Mavs winning the title. It was a lot of fun to watch and more than anything I'm happy for Dirk who seems like a good guy. He seemed destined to be a "good guy" hall of famer that just didn't have the chops to lead a team to a title, but that changed this year. I also thought it was very cool that you had this team win in an era where all the top players are looking to move on and find another star to play with.

In addition, it was great to see guys like Jason Terry and JJ Barea absolutely just take it to the Heat like they did. They got abused by D-Wade and co on defense but gave it right back. Terry in particular just had no fear. Sports Guy referred to him as an "irrational confidence" guy and you couldn't have a more apt description.

Lastly, a big shot to Lebron's legacy here I think, though I would agree that some of the criticism is over blown (as it is, it's a pretty big achievement for the Heat to make it the finals this year with such an overhaul- I didn't think they'd make it this far and they proved me wrong). He's a phenomenal player and one of the best ever but something is missing right now. I know it's not really fair to compare anyone to Michael Jordan but the two players just could not be more different on the big stage. If the likes of Deshawn Stevenson or Jason Terry had ever called out Michael Jordan during an NBA finals series they would not have made it out of the series alive.

Lastly (and more relevant), it's been great to see the Sox on such a tear. I'd like to know where I can get what Ortiz has been taking lately. I still have concerns on the starting and relief pitching top to bottom but so does every team. I think it will really come down to whether or not Boston pitching can get and stay hot late in the season and hopefully in the playoffs if they make it.


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Bandi basically said it all for me, but there are a few things I'd like to add. First, Dirk seems like a likable guy and I've always enjoyed his game. It's refreshing to see guys like him pull one out. Also, Jason Terry was the best player in the world in the second quarter last night. It's always great to see a good player play like a Hall of Famer, if only for a quarter or two, simply because those moments are so rare and are enjoyed so much more by the more 'regular' players in the league.

I can't remember a Red Sox team just crushing people like the Sox have over the last week or so, save for maybe the Sox run in August of 2004. It's so impressive and so dominant that it almost makes you wish for a close game. Almost.

Lastly--and I know this topic is for Pat what Jacoby Ellsbury is for you, but I'm going talk briefly about Lebron James. He just proved everyone right. That's really all there is to say.

--the Gunn