Monday, May 2, 2011

Thanks, Bernanke

Unfortunately, JD Drew must have been too thrilled with the Osama capture that he was watching too much Fox News.  He found out about quantitative easing and therefore concluded that the $14 million he was being paid to play his 115 games this year was worth less than the $14 million he made in the last few years.

His last 16 at-bats, he's 1-16 with two strikeouts and six weak ground balls to the right side.

On the bright side, beating the tar out of New Francisco Rodriguez like Old Francisco Rodriguez beats the tar out of his father-in-law was pretty awesome, especially considering that Gonzalez got into the action.

I'm as excited as everyone else is about Carl Crawford getting three hits in three at-bats.  It's really nice to see a player care so much about living up to his contract.  I'm not even being sarcastic.  But you could be Kevin Brown, Mike Hampton, JD (of course), and even, to a certain extent, Beckett and Lackey.  People have been crushing this guy big time for the last month, but I can't get myself to do that.  In a team that still has a troubling whiner : nonwhiner ratio, I'm not going to crush a guy for pressing.  Only root that he's finally turned that corner.

Not sure what I want to hear about more from Pat:  An analysis of Granderon (8 HR?!?) or an analysis of Jeter.


The GM said...

One more thing: How are the Angels 16-13? The way they've looked in five games against the Red Sox has been absolutely abysmal.

Patrick said...

i don't know, but they are 16-8 against everyone besides boston. boston is 8-15 against everyone besides anaheim. this is very frustrating.

following that west coast swing, the sox lost 4 of 5 to baltimore and seattle, two of the worst teams in baseball, and were staring felix hernandez and jered weaver, two of the best pitchers in baseball, in the face the next two nights. at 11-15 things could have really gotten dicey for them again. especially because wakefield and buchholz were on the mound. and they come up with two big wins. this team is doing just enough to make sure they don't get put in a massive hole.

the gm at work said...

Doing just enough? I feel like there may have been a Peter Gibbons-related Microsoft Paint image somewhere in the archives.