Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thanks, Anaheim

I'll follow up on DV's title last night by talking about these stiffs. Are they kidding me? 16-8 against the rest of baseball, 0-6 against Boston. Meanwhile you have Boston at 6-0 against them and 8-15 against the rest of baseball. Anaheim has basically kept the Red Sox in this season for the time being. They find a way to win even two games and we could be having more fun than we are already having. Win one game! ONE!

What I like about the Yankees so far this season is how steady they have been. Just keeping the wheels turning. Perhaps speaking most to that steadiness is that, prior to tonight, they had lost 9 games. They are 8-1 in the 9 games after losses, and will have a chance to improve upon that number tomorrow night. For a while they were the only team in baseball not to lose back-to-back games, and to be almost 20% into the season and to only have lost two games in a row once, and never more than that, is pretty impressive. That's the kind of stuff you like to see early in the season.

DV asked for the analysis, so I'll provide it:

Curtis Granderson has been nothing shy of incredible. Since he took a few days off to work with Kevin Long last August, Granderson is hitting roughly .267/.348/.583/.931, with 22 homers, 52 RBI, and 44 runs. The 22 homers are the third most in baseball over that span. The batting average and OBP figures are neither good or bad, but they are more than fine when they are supporting that kind of slugging and OPS. To get the latter two numbers from a center fielder is a major competitive advantage (Hey DV, I'm tossing you a wide-open alley-oop here buddy). With the exception of Rodriguez prior to his most recent slide, Granderson has put together the best at bats on the team so far this season. His 12 pitch at bat to work a leadoff walk off Valverde was a big part of them winning the game last night. This from a guy who looked lost and often had very quick at bats for much of last year. I can't remember ever seeing a player have a two-day mini-camp in the middle of a season, change his swing, start to see immediate results and maintain it for three months that season and into the following season. It's a tribute to his ability, athleticism, work-ethic, focus, and commitment. It takes a lot to do what he's done.

My buddies and I decided we'll give Jeter until at least mid-May/early-June. 200+ plate appearances. He's earned that. The last four months of last season certainly weren't pretty, and it hasn't gotten better to start this year. No matter how shaky it might look going forward, you have to give the sample size a chance to get into statistical significance before you can really get going. Especially because it's not like he's a younger guy like Granderson who made a change to his game. You hope he makes changes and adjusts but I have to imagine it isn't as easy at age 36 to do so. Mostly I think you just have to hope he turns it around. If not, there are options, but we're not there yet, especially since the Yankees are winning right now.

This Heat-Celtics series has been outstanding so far. A lot of what you want as a fan who doesn't have a horse in the race. A lot of basketball to go yet, and this has a chance to get really good.


the gm said...

On Jeter: He should get your free pass until the day he opens his mouth about how poor his treatment has been since 1995. Call it the David Ortiz rule. How's that investigation going?

On your alley, here's my oop: In his current, ongoing 12-game hitting streak, 46 is hitting .373. Over these twelve games, he has hit zero (0) home runs. Exactly what you want from a leadoff hitter. A guy who understands his role.

John said...

Unrelated to the article, but whoever loses this game between the Sox and Angels tonight is going to have a real hard time coming back in about 10 hours(if it ends now) to play another tomorrow afternoon.

John said...

Also, Youk crushes one towards left center, clearly at least going off the wall if not out and Scutaro is jogging from first base. I have to imagine he assumed it was gone(I did) and didn't want to run hard. If he was busting his ass from first he scores and the game is over. If the third base coach sees this and holds him, its 2nd and 3rd with 1 out. Not happy with how that half inning played out, although I do understand sending him home in hopes to get the run across. Needed to be played very well off the wall and a good solid relay home, which it was.