Thursday, May 19, 2011

Necessary Love

As Wednesday's post suggested, I went to Wednesday's sellout game at Fenway Park.  I think the only person happy there that night was JD Drew because he was clearly chilling out in the clubhouse watching hunting on television on DVR.  Even John Henry was pissed because with only 3,000 people actually showing up, less concession revenue.  This rain sucks for being up 20% this year, even though Lebron took care of those Celtics and is now one game up on the Bulls.

The game was Victor Martinez's return to Boston.  He was not acknowledged any more or less than Ryan Raburn, which is sad on so many levels.  It's too bad that the pink hats who go to Red Sox games now don't remember players from seven months ago.  It's too bad that nobody showed up to the game.  And it's too bad that the lack of respect for this guy who did so much the right way continued.

So here's the love.  What value.  At the price of under $12 million, two minor leaguers, and Justin Masterson, you got the following:  A .313 batting average, 73 extra-base hits (compared to 75 strikeouts), a guy who was most likely instrumental in getting Clay Buchholz to where he is today, (we've gone over the Buchholz/Varitek thing before), a reason the team stayed in contention last summer until JD Drew went after the foul ball, a big reason they were reasonably successful in 2009, someone who made Jason Varitek productive in 2010 and prevented Jason Varitek at-bats in 2009.  Varitek hit .134 after the Martinez trade in 2009.

He was also a smart baserunner and wasn't as bad behind the plate as he got the flack for. 

He was also also someone who would probably be a useful piece of the puzzle right now, and then potentially move to DH when David Ortiz leaves Boston (probably for a full-time investigation gig) this year.  He was a great teammate, it seemed.  He seemed to keep Beltre happy.  And he was one of the few Red Sox from the 2009 team that was capable of keeping his mouth shut instead of complaining.

When he left Boston last year because the team insulted him with a 2-year, $20 million contract offer, he didn't sling mud like your beloved Johnny Damon did.  He was nothing but professional, courteous, and productive from the day he showed up to the day he left.

He deserved better.  And while he probably doesn't read How Youz Doin Baseball, here's the voice of one saying thanks, Victor.

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