Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Few Quick Thoughts

First post written on the new computer is really not going to have a rhyme or reason.  Oh well.  Here goes.

1.  To prove my love for my readers, specifically my boy Jason who used to read from Wilmington but now reads from halfway across the country, I'll answer last week's question in the post body.  To the best of my memory, which may not be that good because we've written more than 1,500 posts, I rarely whine about the rain and sitting out in the rain.  I don't go to games that often, and I only actually BUY tickets once a year.  I received tickets for last night's game because nobody else at the office wanted to go, and because management heard I won tickets at a road race to a game I cannot attend.  The things I have complained about regarding the rain have been as follows:
a) MLB's scheduling of first-week games in cold-weather cities.  I whine about this because it's completely avoidable, but for some reason MLB wants to make the fans and players suffer so that big matchups like Yankees/Sox and...Tigers/Indians can take place and be potentially snowed out?  That's stupid.
b) Baseball teams, most notably the Red Sox, taking their time to announce rain outs, and opening the gates despite having no intentions to play the games.  I understand that fans (like myself) have trouble grasping the idea of sunk costs, but the team exploiting fan stupidity is not in good taste.  Even more heinous is when they know they're raining out the game, the owner's wife is Twittering it, and they don't announce until 25 minutes later.
c) MLB putting player safety and fan comfort at risk by playing in a monsoon because they don't want to interrupt Fox's prime time TV schedule for the World Series.
d) MLB's crappy "unbalanced schedule" resulting in forcing in games like Wednesday's and Thursday's because there's no other time to make them up.
I sat out in the rain on Wednesday and enjoyed it.  I probably would have enjoyed Game 1 of a doubleheader in September more, even if it meant JDing out of work.

2.  Speaking of the unbalanced schedule, interleague play has now officially killed all tradition it had not yet destroyed.  Let's consider the situation where the Red Sox and Cubs played in the 2018 World Series.  Without interleague play, they could have said "this is the first time these teams have played since 1918."  Now they can say "this is the first time these teams have played since some crummy interleague series in May 2011 when Matt Albers coughed the game up.  Remember that guy?"

3.  No matter how many times it happens, watching bullpen implosions is still frustrating.  Watching poor fundamental baseball from Lowrie, Varitek, and Youkilis is worse.

4.  I like offensive explosions, though.  After the 15-5 game on Friday, I contrasted the 7-game winning streak to the 10-game winning streak the Yankees needed to get to 21-19 in 2005.  I didn't think this team was good enough to string together such a streak.  But they did.  Good for them.

5.  Never fun to see the Marlon Byrd beanball. 

6.  In a few weeks we'll probably have a lot of discussion regarding Daisuke Matsuzaka's elbow and potential Tommy John surgery.  That sucks, even if you're a hater.  But was this inevitable, given his lifetime workload?  I compare it to my surgery last year, except this is a much more serious injury.  I feel like most people who overwork themselves physically end up paying for it.  And you gotta think the Red Sox saw this coming the day they paid the $51.1 million posting fee.

7.  Don't like to advertise it much unless I'm sitting in an airport with my laptop on my lap.  But I'm headed to Vermont this weekend for the Vermont City Marathon.  I'm fit.  So get your popcorn ready.


The GM said...

Just another fun fact because he just hit home run #3 since April 17th:

Jarrod Saltalamacchia is hitting .283 with 2 home runs, 9 RBI, and 5 doubles since that date. Obviously that's better now in the middle of tonight's game.

John said...


Don't forget that some teams request to start the season on the road like Tampa did a few years ago(might be even more than a few). When you're a warm weather city, with a dome no less, there is no reason that you should request to start the season in a place like NY, Boston, Cleveland, or somewhere else that has almost a 100% chance of being shitty weather for at least 1 if not more games of that series. All northern teams should start on the road(schedule permitting obviously) to try and avoid some of these problems.

Anonymous said...


Your point about Saltalamacchia might be the most important one you raised. He has given them some legitimate stability behind the plate and lengthened the line-up. He may just be turning into the hitter that everyone expected him to be back when he was traded for Teixeira. Here's hoping he keeps it up.

Also, Aceves was excellent on Saturday. Now, nobody likes to see any player get hit, much less in the face, but aside from that lapse in control, his outing was a huge success. Whether or not he can replicate that again is debatable, but if he can, he's a major, major upgrade over John Lackey (Go read that sentence again. It's true.)

--the Gunn

the gm at work said...


I determined after we went to that bone-chilling Tampa Bay game in 2009 that there are more warm-weather cities than cold-weather cities in both the American League and the National League ("bRAINdead", April 4, 2009). I'm not saying to play every game in April and May in Tampa or Texas. But I am saying play every game the first week there. Also, more than two games against each team at each venue. Get rid of the 19 games against the Yankees and get rid of the interleague trash.


Let's not get ahead of ourselves, but he's been good. Hopefully he gives the Red Sox reason to bench Varitek until June. Same with Aceves. You've identified the two guys I'm rooting hardest for on this team.

Also: Holy crap on Adrian Gonzalez.

jason said...

I noticed there wasnt a NH tossed in there, if you received the tickets that sounds acceptable, but you have frequently complained about the scheduling of baseball games in cold/rainy parts of the year so if you were one of the people purchasing those tickets encouraging those games to be scheduled it would have been a little hypocritical is all my point

the gm at work said...

My point is: Why should I avoid cold weather games when MLB should do it for me? This is similar to asking for excellence at a restaurant. I guess instead of encouraging customers to not eat at a crappy restaurant, I'm encouraging the restaurant to get their s*** together. MLB should get their s*** together so they're not feeding their fans, a crappy rain, sleet, and Sweet Caroline sangwich.

jason said...

using your restaurant reference, if you are a restaurant with crappy food and people keep eating it what motivation is there for them to fix it, in this case people buy the tickets anyway so why wouldnt they want to sell them