Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eric Ortiz, General Manager

Though Julio Lugo for $9 million a year was bad?  Bobby Jenks is starting to look even worse at $6 million for each of the next two years.  In December, when this guy was signed by the Red Sox (and this pissed off the Yankee guys at, I wasn't exactly confident.  I didn't like the idea of Jenks closing in 2012 when Papelbon walks and Bard potentially stays in the setup role.  While I called it an "interesting bullpen move," I cited the fact that this guy was on a precipitous decline and that he was sliding even faster than Papelbon was.

Considering the history of pretty much all closers in the history of baseball since the role started to define itself, signing a guy whose rates have gone in this direction is silly to begin with.

ERA:  2.77, 2.63, 3.71, 4.44
WHIP:  0.89, 1.10, 1.27, 1.36
H/9:  6.2, 7.4, 8.8, 9.2
BB/9:  1.8, 2.5, 2.7, 3.1
Opponents' OPS:  .488, .620, .725, .668
Opponents' BA:  .198, .230, .250, .260

Other than opponents' OPS in 2010, this guy's numbers have gone from great to good to mediocre to bad almost linearly.  A typical Theo Epstein bullpen addition.  Considering the fact that he was at odds with Ozzie Guillen, who questioned his ability to keep twelve-packs of Miller High Life out of his stomach, this was additionally worrisome.  He's reportedly blown up on minor league managers, coaches, and clubbies.  While Jenks has claimed that he has quit drinking, where were Theo Epstein's private investigators on this one?  Only stalking Carl Crawford? 

The real story here is that Theo Epstein, upon making this move, decided to abandon logic and instead go Eric Ortiz on this acquisition.  Let's see what Eric Ortiz wrote about Jenks:

"The weak link in 2010 could be one of the best relief corps in the business...Want heat?  Jenks and Bard throw seeds."

Most important word here:  "Could."  And regarding Jenks throwing "seeds?"  Sure.  But you don't really know where those seeds are going.  Abandoning logic for a "could" situation.

Whatever.  John Henry's happy.  His boy LeBron is blowing out the Celtics at halftime.  Don't get it?  Neither will your readers.

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The GM said...

Another tidbit: Signing this guy put the Red Sox above the Yankees in 2011 payroll. That was fun.