Thursday, May 5, 2011


John Lackey is a bulldog.  We have heard this, well, for a little over a year now when we've heard about how he's working hard out there and grimaces a lot.  Might not be striking a lot of guys out, but he's working hard.  He cares.  He might not be pretty while doing it, but if you're looking for a guy who can put in a good effort for you, and a guy who would rather stay in the game and throw a couple more pitches, you want John Lackey.  The reason he wants to stay in the game is because he thinks he'll pitch better than the reliever replacing him.


The Red Sox played until 2:45 AM on Wednesday night - and a big shoutout to John, who stayed up for it from the central time zone - and the bullpen pitched something like a hundred and sixty pitches.  There were so many bullpen innings thrown that the Red Sox had to call up two relievers for today's game, placing two people (Wheeler and Jenks) on the DL for the mysterious injury that I like to call "sucking."  Bottom line is, it would be nice to maybe not have the bullpen throw another, I don't know, maybe five innings the following afternoon.  Tim Wakefield may have given up 5-7 runs back about five years ago, but Tim Wakefield would have given you that start that would be able to save that bullpen. 

If you are making $18 million, you are expected to at least pitch well enough to save that bullpen.

Instead, John Lackey pitched better than his numbers would indicate.  The only problem is, the numbers included four innings, so the bullpen could just burn itself even more.  This guy is not a stopper.  He's not a gamer.  He's not a bulldog.  He's a stiff.  Did the Angels score six runs on this guy with two outs in the fourth or something?  It's called pressing down.  If you're a good pitcher, you can get one out.  Freaking Julian Tavarez could get one out.  And Lackey couldn't.  And let's not pretend all those two-out hits were little bloopers either.  Well-placed singles are not mistakes in hitting.

Behind the night that Matsuzaka grooved seven straight right down the middle on purpose to prove a point, this is the second-most embarrassing pitching performance of the entire season.  What, were you tired?  That's a legitimate excuse for the Red Sox lineup, because, you know, they played baseball last night.  You could have taken a nap in the clubhouse.  And you should have.  I mean, it was okay with Ken Griffey Jr. last year, wasn't it?  If you were tired, why wasn't Joel Piniero tired?  If you were tired, why wasn't LA's lineup tired?

Similar to way too many times where his body language has implied he's throwing his teammates or manager under the bus, John Lackey let his bullpen completely out to dry today.  That's embarrassing.


Anonymous said...


I might like John Lackey less than I like Daisuke Matsuzaka. I'm still debating. But both of them pitch like steaming piles more often than not. The difference is that recently Daisuke has been a much better starter. So for now he get a reprieve.

I never understood the Lackey signing, much like most fans never understood the Lugo/Drew signings. It really does make you wonder sometimes.

As for JD Drew missing Wednesdays game with Vertigo--if you haven't had Vertigo, then good for you. It's absolutely miserable. The room is constantly spinning. You have no balance at all. You can't stand up. You can't read. You can't watch tv. You can't even open your eyes for more than 10-15 seconds at a time. And it lasts for a few days. I find it very, VERY hard to believe that JD Drew had Vertigo on Wednesday night. He'd probably be out at least until Sunday if he did. What a scam.

--the Gunn

Anonymous said...


I've had booze induced Vertigo before and that's not fun either.

the gm said...


Never had vertigo before, but I've had sore glove hand before. Believe me, it doesn't make you want to play baseball.