Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tee Time

If memory serves me right, the Red Sox pitchers and catchers reported on February 12.  If this scouting report was "leaked" to on the same day, you gotta think the other teams in major league baseball, like the Boston Red Sox, would have had an accurate, detailed scouting report on Robinson Cano.

On high pitches, in case you don't want to follow the link, Cano hits (from inside to outside) .238, .421, and .474 on high fastballs.  On high non-fastballs, Cano hits .100, .462, and .333.  So unless the pitch is in his ear, Robinson Cano is pretty good at hitting high pitches.

He hit some high pitches pretty hard today.  The first one prompted my dad to switch the text messages from rated PG to rated R, as he has started using the F-word.  The second one, I was dumbfounded because Saltalamacchia was set up for a high fastball.  That pitch, of course, went about 430 feet.

Did the Red Sox have tee time instead of going over scouting reports for the teams they play 19 times this year?  I'm rooting really hard for Saltalamacchia and Aceves, but this was bad.

Yesterday's win was a very good one.  Papelbon looked the best he's been for at least the length of a Presidential administration.  I don't know if it's a matter of compete level, but whatever he did yesterday, he should continue to do.  As bad as 1-7 is, it's a lot better than 0-8.

The Manny thing is probably something we'll talk about upon the next business day, but I have very little to say about it.  He's obviously out of the Hall of Fame if I were a voter, but that's largely because I'm a steroid Nazi myself.  (The thing that was weird about this is that Lou Merloni said he didn't care whether Manny or anyone were on steroids.  Lou, who said he only took amphetamines, would have had a major league job instead of taking the Pawtucket shuttle sixteen times a season if there weren't so many middle infielders doing roids.)  His legacy to me was not the production or the steroids:  It was Manny Being Manny.  But what an idiot, getting caught three different times.  Don't blame him for retiring - it would be dumb to come back for 50 games and retire after the season.  The Rookie of the Year award will now enter Desmond Jennings's lap a little quicker.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of clowns...

'I am pleased to share the results of the March Mania II Challenge. Though Trinity is the winner with 1,002 donors, the real battle was for second place. I am proud to report that Colby won that tight race with 762 donors.'

I suppose if no one was ready for the season then it makes sense to include those writing the scouting reports in that category.

Also, am shocked that JD did not go on the DL this spring with a 'shoulder strain', as in, shoulder hurts from awkwardly carrying a bag of golf clubs around. Granted, the team is undefeated when he gets multiple hits this year, so who knows.


the gm said...

The real battle is for second. Similar to the Bruins slogan, it's called Colby.

Not sure if JD was one of the golfers, but the winner of the Second Base Cup competition is currently hitting .125.

Less golf, more baseball. I do believe this team will right the ship somewhat in a week or two, but their lack of preparedness for this season is hideously evident.