Tuesday, April 5, 2011

No More Golf

Looks like another disappointing loss for the Red Sox, this time to a bad Cleveland Indians team.  This team is clearly not ready to play baseball.  All eyes were on Josh Beckett tonight, and he was awful.  The opposite of what John Lackey, Ian Kennedy, and Charlie Sheen say about themselves, he was much worse than what the numbers indicated.  While you can say he worked out of some jams, this guy was helped tremendously by the poor weather in Cleveland.  He should have surrendered at least three monster home runs tonight, bringing up the total to 14 over four games.  Location sucked.  He fooled nobody.  Three runs on 105 pitches over 5 innings is very misleading.  Should have been closer to Lackey's line.  At least this guy would have at least held himself accountable.

But this guy, as well as almost everyone who threw a pitch, is not ready for this season.  These guys were chilling out for a month and a half in Florida.  You'd think they would want to play some games that mean something.  Nope.  It's like the Gold Sox in the early 1960s all over again.  One hour of practice followed by eighteen holes of golf.  NESN themselves is playing right into this by having their closest-to-the-pin competition during their spring training telecasts.  Way to promote this lax, uncaring country-club culture.  That's just such absolute crap, and we've seen the fruits of this rubbish the first four games, as we have seen Texas and now Cleveland teams who are ready for April games when the Red Sox are ready for March games.

I'm not going to put much weight into their spring training numbers, but the fact that they were abominable for ten straight games in March makes you wonder how much they actually were coasting.  Probably a lot.  And they probably still are.  Completely unprepared.  It's like the entire attitude surrounding this team is toxic.  I could make a tasteless joke about how tomorrow night's starter might do, but I'll refrain from doing so.
The one person this should be falling on is Terry Francona.  When he warms up tonight, he should be flipping over buffet tables for his $180 million 0-4 disaster of a team, billed a week ago as the best in franchise history by sycophantic fans and fanboy journalists alike.  Except for this half of How Youz Doin Baseball, everyone's picking them to win the American League East.  If Kevin Kennedy lost his job over his 1996 team with high expectations starting like a bunch of Little Leaguers (3-15; 7-19), Francona deserves at least pressure.  If Claude Julien is getting the heat for his team failing to show up to play, Francona deserves similar heat.  I don't care if he has a Canadian accent or not, everyone's being treated fairly at How Youz Doin.  The GM is all about fairness this year.

One more thing about Francona:  The fact that he has no freaking idea where to hit Carl Crawford is embarrassing on two different fronts.  He couldn't have figured this out during their 30 freaking spring training games?  It's also evidence that this offseason was a haphazard spend-fest 100% because fans were squawking at the ownership group's Liverpool distraction and dispicable "Neither Will Your Readers" comments in the Boston Globe.

Josh Tomlin looked good in career start #13. 

A final observation:  How many times is 46 going to strike out looking on pitches down the middle?  He did it today in one of the most predictable at-bats of all time.  This guy is not a good baseball player; he is not a smart baseball player.  It seems like he'll never learn.  His at-bat in the eighth:  similarly disgusting.  Chases a well-located pitch and hits yet another lazy fly out to left field on a 1-1 count.  What an embarrassment.  I don't care if he's 27 years old and, at least theoretically in the prime of his career.  I don't care if Steve Buckley thinks he's a future Hall of Famer.  This guy should be playing in Pawtucket, no exaggerations stated or implied.


The GM said...

Also, 158 games remaining on Adrian Gonzalez's contract. Good job, Theo. Good job, John Henry.

Anonymous said...

46 is in the prime of his career, sadly, his prime is one of what we all have been discussing/reading about in this space.

I give Henry a lot of credit for his work in restoring America's reputation at one overseas outpost but if those fans could understand baseball and saw these first four games...