Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Knowing Your Role

A few quick things to say (and I'm saving some more Josh Beckett stuff for a future post).  Don't want to elaborate much more because this is going off of box scores after being in class and then watching hockey all night.  The first quick thing to say is that 46 had a good game tonight.  He was 3-5 with two singles and a double.  Two of those hits were to left field, which means he probably went after an outside pitch and acted as a professional hitter.  This player can do this if he wants to.

The other two at bats, he struck out and hit a pathetic pop-up to third in the ninth.  This is what drives me nuts, and something my dad always harps on.  I have a strong feeling that both of these at-bats is a result of 46's insistence that he's a power hitter.  The player has pop, but while he was hitting home runs earlier this month, he was popping up, striking out, and hitting .170.  If this guy realizes he's a contact hitter who can make things happen with his speed, the better off we all are.  He did it during two at-bats tonight.

Think about this:  The Red Sox' leadoff hitter has twenty-two strikeouts and twenty hits.  While many of these are the result of taking meatballs right over the plate as called third strikes, many of them are 46 trying to be something he's not.  My dad's point is that Milan Lucic of the Bruins is doing the same thing, prancing around on the ice waiting to score goals instead of whacking guys like he used to.  His argument is that Glen Davis of the Celtics does the same thing, thinking he's a shooter.  All three should stick to their game.

Other quick hits:
-Watch the eighth inning on the replay tonight.  Jason Varitek is an elite defensive catcher.  He's also hitting .091.  And yes, May is on Sunday.
-Terry Francona is paying the toll for overusing Daniel Bard last year.  Bigelow Green Tea.
-The guy who should be leading off for the Red Sox hit sixth tonight.  Drew had one hit and two walks.  After the hit, he was succeeded by a strikeout and a double play.  After the first walk, the guy running in front of him (Detective Ortiz) got thrown out, something that wouldn't happen if it were 46 were hitting 9th and running in front of him.  After the second walk (with one out), he was succeeded by a strikeout and a fly out.  I have no beef against Lowrie hitting after the aloof walk machine, but I do have a beef about those walks going to waste in front of Crawford and Varitek (.156 and .091; 0-7 tonight).  But instead their leadoff hitter is a guy built like me but tries to hit home runs.

Enjoy yo night.


TimC said...

Rumors that Lou Brown called Jacoby Mays Hayes and told him to 'keep the ball on the ground' while he did 46 girlie push-ups are currently unconfirmed.

The GM said...

I'm a little bummed that this post only got 28 words on the comments section, but they were a perfectly-chosen 28 words.

Thanks for being 100% spot on in your reference, Tim.

PF said...

i tried to get in here all day but couldn't for some reason.

first, happy birthday to our very own dv!

second, the fact that the red sox didn't just keep batting jd leadoff after the success they had with it on the west coast makes little sense.

The GM said...

Yup, I'm 26. In baseball terms, that means I'm not really that young anymore, and I'd be entering the prime of my career. Got about four years until my speed starts going away, and probably won't grow too much more if I'm a power hitter.

Well, unless my number used to be 46. He's over a year and a half older than me and he's still young and pretty much a prospect.