Monday, April 11, 2011


A screen shot from my computer tonight.

Best Team Ever
  The Rays scored as many runs before Matsuzaka recorded the first out of the second inning as they AVERAGED over three games.  Sample size, yes, sure, but you get my point.

There are so many problems going on with tonight's game, and I don't even know where to start.  I guess with Matsuzaka.  Maybe this guy was making a statement outing tonight.  "Hey Red Sox fans, you don't like how I nibble on the side of the plate?  Fine.  I'll throw some gyroballs right down the middle.  I'll attack the strike zone.  Then you'll see how smart you are."  I don't know what it's going to be with this guy, but something has to change drastically.  A pseudo-injury and Pawtucket stint where he can pitch to guys like Karim Garcia again like he did in Japan?  Who knows.  But this guy may simply not be good enough for the major leagues anymore.

At what point to the Red Sox say enough?  Because tonight was embarrassing.  This is probably his worst outing ever.  I feel just as bad now (while the Rays score run #15) as I did after Thursday's game when I flipped out on this blog.  I'm kinda hoping they can put another five on the board just so they can say they scored as many runs in Game 10 as they did in Games 1-9.  As of right now, they'll have to settle for 43% of their total 2011 runs.  Oh well.

A word from Eric Ortiz's articleDice-K might be the best No. 5 starter ever. The Japanese right-hander is the only pitcher in the rotation who’s never been an All-Star, but this could be the year he ends that streak.  Every Red Sox starting pitcher has something to prove. While the Phillies might be the popular choice as the best rotation in baseball, don’t be surprised if people are singing a different tune come October.

Other problems with this game that I have to spout off on:
-Kevin Youkilis:  The Second Base Cup champion no longer gets the free pass around here.
-Red Sox fans:  Your boy Varitek would not have saved Matsuzaka today.
-I heard on the rumor mill that during the Liverpool soccer game today, they played the Neil Diamond song about the 11-year-old girl.  I hope we get some "What should I do?" Nike commercials next time I go to Fenway.  Go Lebron.

The center fielder formerly known as 46 gets his own paragraph.  People are going to kill Saltalamacchia for a passed ball tonight on a knuckleball that allowed a run to score.  Well, they should instead be killing 46 for committing the three-base-error on a ball he hideously misjudged and couldn't use his one skill to make up for the fact that he can't concentrate.  I am dumbfounded how a guy who's almost as fast as Brett Gardner can miss a ball that's up in the air for that long.  I looked it up.  Despite the fact that he only played 18 games last year due to a dubious rib injury, 46 has played 620 professional baseball games in his career.  This doesn't even count college, high school, Little League, whatever.  How many of those games do you think 46 was playing center field?  Well, probably since anyone realized he was fast.  You'd think by now he'd be okay at judging fly balls.

Well, he can't.

And I will say this myself right now as the biggest Coco Crisp apologist in the world.  Coco Crisp was awful at judging fly balls.  I don't know what it was, but he misjudged them all the freaking time.  And I can't believe it, but...

46 might be worse.  I don't know if it's a matter of him not caring about developing this skill because he figures he can make up for it with his speed or what.  But he very well might be a below-average defender.  You hear that "pound for pound" argument all the time; well, mile per hour for mile per hour, 46 is the worst defender I've ever seen.  Over these ten games, I can already think about four instances where he has taken poor angles on the ball and either had to rely on his speed or straight-up miss the ball.  The situation with that diving play where Remy was furiously covering for him?  That one counts.  By the way, way to go flat-out on that one, 46.  Saw you put your knee down, just like I do while trying unsuccessfully to dive into a pool.  Afraid of breaking your ribs again?  You freaking wimp.  Please go back to Pawtucket until you learn how to play baseball.  Maybe it can be in September, when you can feast on minor league pitching again, you stiff.  Nice garbage time home run tonight.


the gm at work said...

What do the Braves, Padres, Dodgers, Carinals, Orioles, Athletics, and Twins all have in common?

Tampa Bay passed them all in runs scored for the season, as they scored 44% of their runs in last night's game. Another word from Eric Ortiz:

The right-handers in the mix all bring experience and different styles to the fire. Need long relief? Call on Wakefield to disrupt hitters’ timing. Need a middle-inning specialist to get key outs? Wheeler knows how to do the job, and Atchison proved serviceable last season. Albers could be a diamond in the rough. Want heat? Jenks and Bard throw seeds. Want to turn out the lights? Papelbon is pitching for a contract, so trust he will be ready to show he’s far from washed up. Reliability and consistency -- foreign concepts to Boston’s bullpen last season -- will be common words associated with this group.

Jon said...

What I heard last night was that in typical British fashion, the "Sweet Caroline", was the Anfield fans attempt to sing to their newly acquired striker Andy Carroll (for nearly $60 million)... with the refrain "Sweet Carroll 9".

(the comments are hysterically british)

Walking on
Now it’s a new beginning
We’re all glad that Kenny’s home

Second coming
The King became the saviour
Kenny is back upon his throne

Goals, Scoring goals
One then two
L.F.C <- (This should be changed to "Liverpool")
We love you

Sweet Carroll 9
Oh Oh Oh
Scoring never looked so good
So good So good So good
Goals all the time
Oh Oh Oh
Just like Kenny said he would

Anonymous said...


If I want mathematical prowess, I'm calling Japan. If I want a mid-sized, economy class sedan, I'm calling Japan. If I need the latest in electronics, I'm calling Japan. But if I need a capable major league starting pitcher? I will NEVER, EVER, EVER call Japan. They are a novelty. They can fool people for a little while, but ultimately, they aren't major league quality. Daisuke is not only an incredibly frustrating pitcher to watch, he's a bad one. He and John Lackey should get ready for a trip to Rhode Island or Portland, because if things don't change by their next starts, we could be seeing Felix Doubront/Tim Wakefield/Andrew Miller. And frankly, I don't think one Sox fan would be that concerned if we did. I mean, let's say Andrew Miller comes up and pitches to an ERA of 5. That's light years better than Daisuke and Lackey. That can at least keep you in the game. This is absolutely pathetic.

--the Gunn

Anonymous said...

Dice K is the Barack Obama of pitchers.

There is a good chance the Red Sox get swept by the Rays when you consider the pitching matchups over the next two days.

They clearly got up for the Yankees series but have not gotten up for the Orioles or Rays. They need to be professionals and realize you have to come out with focus and intensity and beat the teams you should beat. That's part of being a good team.