Friday, March 18, 2011

In Memoriam

Honestly, I don't even dislike St. John's. I don't dislike the fact that they're on their way back to prominence despite their drubbing at the hands of Gonzaga last night. I am still in the business of truth torpedoes, so as a memorial to the Johnnies' now ill-fated season, I'll re-hash some of Pat's greatest SJU moments of the season.

March 14:

"I'm not exactly going out on a limb in saying SJU got worked a little bit here at a 6 seed. WVU, Arizona, Vanderbilt, and KSU were the 5 seeds. You could make a case that none of them deserved to be seeded higher than SJU, let alone all four."

"Pretty good matchups [in Gonzaga and BYU]? Also yes, and that is what's most important."

February 28:

"The definition of mediocre [sarcastic], of course, is: a team that is 19-9, tied for 3rd place in the toughest conference in the country, is one of only two teams to beat 6 top 25 teams...has gone 8-1 in their last 9 games...and is 14th in RPI and 4th in SOS."

February 21:

"Two days removed from The Johnnies' fourth win over a Top 10 opponent this season, the 2011 basketball revival in New York continues in a major way."

January 31:

"I thought I'd come down from the win a little bit when I woke up today, but I flipped on the SportsCenter highlights for the 8th time before heading out the door to school and on my way saw that they got the back page of the Daily News. Then I was back into a frenzy, felt like I did walking out of the Garden yesterday again."

January 17:

"Another big win for the Johnnies on Sunday, knocking off then #11 nationally Notre Dame. This was a Notre Dame deam that was 14-3 and had handled SJU just the prior Saturday in South Bend...Notre Dame looked like they were on another level just eight days earlier, and the roles were reversed yesterday."

January 5:

"I have been to St. John's games and have not yet been to a Knicks game, but I don't need know just how much the Garden is rocking again."

All sarcasm, gloating, and being a dbag aside, revisiting these posts, and looking at his preseason expectations of his team (started with "maybe they'll get a tournament berth if they're lucky," going to "they're a bubble team," and culminating with "they should have been a 5"), SJU had a pretty good season.


Ross Kaplan said...

I blame Pat's hyperbole and the NY media for influencing me to pick the Johnnies as a Final 4 team. At the very least this means that we will not have to suffer the consequences of St. John's and Notre Dame meeting in this tournament which would have almost assuredly caused the brains of our dear Patrick and millions of other Irish-Americans in the NY metro area to explode. Though as I told Bandi last night, that probably wouldn't have been a bad thing given my desire to see the Irish get there comeupins after how they taunted and beat a young Morris Kaplan in 1930s Bronx.

Anonymous said...

Here is a paraphrase of my conversation with Kaplan last night, which goes to show how awesome the Tank is:

Me: Ross do you like the Irish?

Ross: Yes I like them as an Elite 8 team.

Me: No, I mean the Irish as a people. It's St. Patrick's day and I wanted to get your thoughts.

Ross: No I don't. Not after they picked on Morris Kaplan in the 1930s.

Just phenomenal stuff. It's great knowing you can call on Kaplan for this type of commentary almost on demand.

Anonymous said...


I liked St. John's, but apparently the injury to Kennedy was more of an issue than I think a lot of people thought.

Also, as far as seeding went, Pat's argument was valid. But by the same token you're really talking about fine, fine points at that level. The best way to avoid controversial seeding is to have such a clearly successful season that nobody can question your credentials. Kansas, Ohio State and Duke had tremendous seasons. And they were no doubt top seeds. Other than that, you could make an argument for or against just about every other seed out there. And when you put it up for argument, as we've seen many, many times before, people can be swayed by even the dumbest argument out there.

--the Gunn

the gm at work said...


I was also wondering about what would happen if SJU met ND, but doing the research for this post I found out that Pat unabashedly discards his affection toward his favorite college football program to root for St. John's.

After all, his screen name wasn't ND###.

I also had SJU in the Elite 8, so I feel you, Tank.

Anonymous said...

St. John's had a great season when compared to expectations, no doubt, but a tough way to end it. Watching that game last night brought back memories of BC blowing games a few years ago in March- brutal stuff.

Regarding seeding, the only reason why 5's lose to 12's every year is because, for the most part, the top 4 seeds are the only ones that really get ranked. After that, the importance of the so-called 'resume' gets diminished in favor of intagibles such as bracket rules (such as separating teams from conferences or avoiding re-matches until regional finals), geography & travel (teams cannot go to certain sights, location of regional, etc, etc.), and even religion (BYU cannot play on Sunday, I believe). Add in that, somehow, two teams 'play-in' for a #12 and two teams play for a #11 and I am already beyond confused.

I think the gripe is legitimate. The tourney as constructed meant SJU could not be the #5 above KSU (Pitt the #1) Zona (Duke rematch) or Vandy (who should have been a #10, but lines up across Lousiville). It leaves WVU, and an explanation is required, as SJU had a superior conference record and head-to-head 'W'. With the tourney continuing to expand and play in games coming into play these miscues will probably grow and that will be unfortunate.


Ross Kaplan said...

Will there be an "In Memoriam" for the Fighting Irish's disastrous performance against FSU? Will Pat finally return to blogging full time now that his beloved Johnnies and Irish have both been unceremoniously eliminated from the NCAA tournament during its first weekend? So many questions, so few answers.

the gm at work said...


I believe the SoreGloveHand Twitter predicted FSU to go far in the tournament because, like him, the team has "ice in their veins."