Thursday, March 31, 2011

DV Picks Yankees to Win AL East

This is 40% rabble-rousing, 60% rational thought.  As Brandon Meriweather would say, I'm acting like little females.  Whatever.  Here are my predictions.

AL East:
1.  Yankees
2.  Red Sox
3.  Rays
4.  Orioles
5.  Blue Jays

I'll work from the bottom up.  The Blue Jays have been torched by a couple of bouts of bad luck, including some pitchers who didn't pan out (remember Gustavo Chacin) and bad contracts (Vernon Wells is on the top echelon of the worst of all time, and you can't really blame the Jays for that one too much, either).  If I wanted to be especially controversial, or if I want to remember the 2008 Rays, I'd pick Baltimore to finish third, but will Buck Showalter really inspire all the "young" guys on that team?  Sorry, are Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, my boy Luke Scott, and Jeremy Guthrie still that young?  Nope.  I think a hangover year is in the works for the Rays.

And in the Sox/Yanks argument, the Yankees' questions are Burnett and their 4/5 guys.  Okay.  They got production out of a bunch of ragtag guys like Aaron Small over the year and won the East.  Burnett SUCKED last year and they made the playoffs.  It's not like everything went well for the Yankees last year, okay?  Their lineup is superior because they don't have Scutaro, Saltalamacchia, Ortiz, 46, and Drew/Cameron in their lineup.  Arod's off-season is still pretty close to Youkilis's on season, and Cano is better than Pedroia.  The fact that the Red Sox' rotation is just as questionable as the Yankees (and more expensive!), and the fact that they have Rivera instead of Papelbon, those abstaining from Kool-Aid chugging would see that the Yankees are just as good, if not better, than the Red Sox.  Thanks for playing.

AL Central: 
1.  Twins
2.  Tigers
3.  White Sox
4.  Indians
5.  Royals

Comment:  Twins have the most stockpiled talent, Tigers ride the momentum of the Eminem commercial, and I can't wait for more Buehrle trade rumors.

AL West: 
1.  Oakland
2.  Texas
3.  Anaheim
4.  Seattle

Comment:  The hangover/Cliff Lee effect, losing Crawford, and the spectacular failure of Moneyball II, combined with the Coco Crisp factor leave the A's the last ones standing.  The Orioles might be the fourth-best team in the AL.

NL East:
1.  Phillies
2.  Braves
3.  Marlins
4.  Nationals
5.  Mets

Comment:  Phillies will win 105 games.  The Nats are the next Orioles. 

NL Central: 
1.  Brewers
2.  Reds
3.  Cardinals
4.  Cubs
5.  Pirates
6.  Astros

Comment:  Brewers are in Now Year mode and are doing it the right way.

NL West: 
1.  Giants
2.  Rockies
3.  Dodgers
4.  Dbacks
5.  Padres

Comment:  The best moment of the entire offseason was when Tony Massarotti revealed where the Giants ranked in stolen bases and stolen base efficiency last year:  30th and 30th.

AL MVP:  A. Gonzalez (contract year)
AL CYA:  Sabathia (contract year)
AL ROY:  D. Jennings
AL MOY:  Gardenhire

NL MVP:  P. Fielder (contract year)
NL CYA:  Halladay
NL ROY:  A. Chapman
NL MOY:  Ron Roenicke


Ross Kaplan said...

Who else finds it humorous that both DV and Pat refuse to pick their favorite to win the division? The fact of the matter is that no one who reads this blog would be all that surprised if either the Yankees or Red Sox wins the AL East and the other one will win the Wild Card. Either way it will probably neck and neck and not the ridiculous 8 games that SI thinks the Red Sox will have on the Yankees when the season ends.

Anonymous said...

Here are my picks:

1. Hanshin Tigers
2. Yomiuri Giants
3. Tokyo Yakult Swallows
4. Hiroshima Toyo Carp
5. Chunichi Dragons
6. Yokohama Bay Stars

1. Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks
2. Orix Buffaloes
3. Saitama Seibu Lions
4. Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles
5. Chiba Lotte Marines
6. Hokkaido NipponHam Fighters

And I'll take Yu Darvish to win some kind of pitching award.


Patrick said...

glad we're in agreement on the brew crew and roenicke. i think they are in for a big year, yesterday's meltdown notwithstanding. although, i thought you said in yesterday's comments that you were going with greinke for nl cy? he probably would have been my #2, and i was looking forward to that pick out of you.

i'm also glad we're in agreement on the twins. a lot of people are picking the white sox, and some are picking the tigers as well. few are picking the twins it seems, especially in comparison to the white sox. on paper i would definitely be in that group. but you have to show minnesota love, all they do is find a way to make the playoffs. i also like your gardenhire pick, he doesn't get nearly as much credit as he deserves. he's one of the best managers in the game hands down.

very nice, crisp win for the yanks on opening day yesterday.

the gm at work said...


Maybe the geniuses at Sports Illustrated should start reading HYD. I heard we're only going to be here for a limited time, so they ought to consume our daily nuggets of truth while they last.


SoftBank just doesn't sound good to me.


On Grienke, I thought more about it. Maybe by the end of the season, he'll appreciate the easiness he had in KC. And I know that around here we usually evaluate baseball seasons after the first game, so no sweat on that.

Anonymous said...

Just filling in the blank space between off-season and season.

I'm not much on what goes on outside the division these days but I do like the Mariners to not finish last and have a hard time buying Toronto a bed for the basement. Is this a 'bridge year' for Tampa, or something worse? I could see them finishing pretty much anywhere but last this season.


Anonymous said...


Great work all around as usual. DV, your continued commitment to calling Kaplan "Tank" (or better yet Tankenstein) continues to bring a smile to my face. I haven't called him that since sophmore year of college but the name fits so keep running with it.

Glad to have baseball back. It's great waking up in the morning, throwing on SC, and having baseball and basketball highlights rolling.

Personally, I think the Yanks will win the AL East and the Sox will be the wild card. Looking forward to hopefully making it to both Fenway and Yankee stadium (Ross get on that) at some point this season.

Lastly, looking forward to the final four this weekend. I'm picking VCU to win it all.


the gm at work said...


Ross will always be the Tank, just as Charlie Murphy will always be Brother Darkness. Glad we got that settled.

Season's underway and the Red Sox have not yet signed Adrian Gonzalez to an extension. 161.94 games remaining until free agency. Theo Epstein = Boy Wonder.

Michael Owen said...

Brewers? Do you realize the Reds are 2-0 against the Brewers already this year! GO REDS!

Anonymous said...