Friday, March 4, 2011

Two Smokin Hotties

The Stan Grossfeld interview of John Henry last November was edited, according to the italicized preface at the beginning of the article. If saying stuff as pompous, disconnected, and downright outrageous as the stuff we've already discussed was the stuff that made the cut, don't you wonder what DIDN'T make the cut? Well...
"Well, you know, you don't look like you're havin' a lot of fun. I'm gonna hang out with these two SMOOOOKIN hotties and fly privately around the world. You know, it might be lonely up here, but I sure like the view, Alex."
John Henry, Tom Werner, and Larry Lucchino are gnarly gnarlingtons and Vatican assassins. No word as to whether they regularly hang out with Lenny Dykstra and Brian Wilson.
I'm sorry - Allen Iverson, Bob Knight, Bill Parcells, and all of the other meltdowns put together could not match last week's Charlie Sheen rants from last Thursday to Monday. The only thing that's remotely close is the 20-minute Rick James interview where all that stuff from the Chappelle's Show special came from. A few more things about this:
1. For the first time, 20/20 was more intriguing than sports on television thanks to this guy.
2. I can process the "winning" concept. I really don't think he's losing his mind. He's just keeping it real more than anyone else. Isn't this the way Alex Rodriguez probably feels when Cameron Diaz is feeding him popcorn? How about when John Henry wakes up next to a thirty-year-old 8 on his private jet? This is how they all think, but Charlie Sheen just has the balls to say it. He's Dustin Pedroia minus the tongue in cheek element.
Happy Boomer Day.

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