Thursday, February 24, 2011

This Was Inevitable

This is something that has been discussed on a regular basis between me and my co-worker Rocci, who make a cameo in our comments section every now and then. But the last four years, having the least-likable Red Sox player possible has been a fantastically-entertaining experience for me. This is probably going to be the last year of that. So there's only one year left to do what we're doing.

After over a year of urging from Rocci, the Twitter account @SoreGloveHand is now online.

Among the inspirations behind @SoreGloveHand are "Really Drew Bledsoe" from and "Ol' JD" from Rowland's Office. Enjoy throughout the baseball season.

And true story: Jerry Remy was following it for about four hours on Tuesday night.

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