Thursday, February 17, 2011

Someone Tell David Ortiz

Microsoft Windows Vista don't lie. Today is April 1st. If we tell David Ortiz that today is April 1st, maybe by the time the real baseball season starts, he'll decide to start with it.

Guy's apparently not as pouty about his gift contract anymore. Ain't that a B.

Good for Theo Epstein (not sarcastic) for saying that the team needs to sip the reality potion and realize it is currently 0-0. No talk about that 100-win garbage. Let's prevent 0-162 first.

Y'all have a tremendous weekend. I mean, how could you not? It's the first weekend of April.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely April weather, very interesting to have to think about the potential of sweating yesterday as I walked to work.

Thought I would share the big news that I just discovered I can have multiple home pages at once by using tabs. Therefore, congratulations HYDB, you are now one of my home pages.

Obviously not following along very closely but it seems to me that every time I see St. John's they are giving a top team a real hard time. What does it take to crack the top 25 these days? At least, shouldn't they be a tourney lock?