Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Like Christmas Carols in November

This is the way the Franchise described baseball coverage during spring training. For a good month and a half, at least in Boston and New York, every newspaper, local television outlet, and sports-only television station sends multiple correspondents down to Florida to report about virtually nothing.

At the same time, there are people (myself often included) that continue to eat this crap up day after day. Pitchers and catchers reported two weeks ago and nothing has really happened except for John Lackey losing weight, Dustin Pedroia saying they were going to kick BC's ass, and Josh Beckett getting hit in the head with a fly ball.

This does not constitute an hour of television coverage. So it's filled (at least here) with journalist cross-pollination and Peter Gammons throwing softball questions at people. On NESN, they have "second-base cup," a competition where the Red Sox chip and try to get their golf balls closest to second base.

Baseball talent evaluation or the fact that both of these teams are filled with top-five talent at many positions are weeding out the arguments of who's going to win what role, unless that role is "second lefty in the bullpen." The games don't matter and nobody except for Rudy are going to give any effort beyond JD-level effort. Does Hideki Okajima getting blown up the other daymean anything? (Maybe.) Does it mean much? (No.)

As Pat said in a comment on Monday, we used to get amped about this kind of stuff. But it's no longer the case. But what's changed - is it the game? Is it the gratuitous coverage of the spring training stuff? Or is it us? When you were nine and November came along, you were okay with getting amped for Christmas once Halloween was over. But now? Gotta wait until at least Pearl Harbor Day.

Starting to feel the same way about spring training. Can't get pumped up about a truck pulling out. Can't get pumped up about Josh Beckett playing catch. Gimme some freaking games.

Preseason football, however, is still much worse.


the gm at work said...

The news about Teixeira dropping Boras is sort of intriguing. All sarcasm aside, these guys kinda seemed made for each other, but Teixeira is saying that there are "lots of reasons" they're splitting up. Any rumors down there?

Patrick said...

i had a feeling you'd be intrigued by that story. haven't read/heard a thing about it outside of the news itself, and i was planning on letting you do so. i hope that you will. the only thing i'll say is that i feel just the opposite; after seeing teixeira for over two years now, i don't see him as being a boras guy. not that there's anything wrong with being a boras guy, and not that there aren't other guys who use boras despite not seeming like boras guys, but teixeira just doesn't strike me as one.

as for this post, very interesting. one theory is that the wall-to-wall spring training coverage in this new age of technology and competition has simply run its course. it wasn't that long ago that spring training was a more mildly covered event. quick segment on regional sports channels every night. little bit on sports center. few articles in the paper. i remember this time well. since there was less coverage, fans didn't have much of a choice but to spend less time with it. for many of us we wanted more. then as the coverage grew, we got more. you could get into spring training material perhaps more than you could regular season material there was so much of it. as it grew more and more it just got better and better to follow as a fan. and maybe now we've gone in the other direction, it's gotten to be too much, and we've had enough?

Ross Kaplan said...

According to the LoHud Yankees Blog, "Teixeira wants to focus on charity work and thought it was best to let someone else handle that." http://yankees.lhblogs.com/2011/03/02/teixeira-drops-boras-as-agent/

This could only mean that Boras is really the spawn of Satan and cannot come into contact with anyone who does a good deed.

Patrick said...

*by saying i hope you do so, i mean i hope you'll cover the topic. considering all the attention given to guys who pick boras up (with tex being at the top of that list), it only seems fair to give some attention to those who drop him.

the gm at work said...

I said very plainly about a month ago (in my post about the media kissing too many rear ends) that if JD goes 4-4, I'll give him credit because it's due. This is similar.

Also, for what it's worth, I'm not a fan of drunk driving, and by the same corollary, I gotta crush my boy #4 in your programs #1 in your hearts for doing that last night.

jason said...

I think once the abundance of coverage started as well as the almost holiday like nature of truck day, i started to value the information that i would get less. Once upon a time when we would get one good story a week compared to 10 crappy ones those are just my thoughts, and I continue to be the random location commenter that checks this blog from possibly more states then anyone else! :p