Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Cliff Lee to the Phillies for less money and fewer years than what the Yankees and Rangers offered. Apparently the guy had as much fun in Philadelphia as I had.

Good for him. Also good for Andy Pettitte, who will now be a consolation prize that both the Yankees and the Rangers will have to battle for. Also good for the Phillies, as they have an elite starter, don't have him too far past his shelf life, and are starting to develop a reputation as a place where players want to play.

I'm surprised, but I'm not that surprised. Philadelphia fell in love with this guy in 2009, and (while I wasn't really keeping my finger on the pulse) didn't seem too jilted when he split. His baseball-reference.com page was still sponsored by a guy in Philadelphia who didn't say anything negative about the guy and actually seemed to question Phillies management for trading him instead of extending him - the choice they were given last year.

But now they're back together. Great day for the player, the team, the city, and anyone who doesn't like New York.


Ross Kaplan said...

For everyone in the media who will spend the next week trying to push the Cliff Lee's wife getting beer spilled on her as the reason why her husband didn't sign with NY can save their breath. The reason he signed with Philly is abundantly clear, he's taking his talents to Broad Street so he can win multiple championships. If they weren't already, the Phillies are now the de facto NL champ if not World Series champ for the next 4 years.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm actually kind of happy with this result. A 5-year contract with NY would have been nice, but anything more than that was asking for trouble. This of course leaves NY with essentially the same staff as last year, but I really don't think it will be as bad as people are making it out to be. Pettitte will either retire or go back to NY, those were his words. After him AJ has nowhere to go, but to improve, it appears Hughes has made the leap to being a dependable 16 - 18 game winner. After that NY can plug Nova or a reclamation project in the 5th spot and they will be just fine with the offense they have. Things of course get more complicated if Pettitte goes back on his word or retires, but I guess we'll have to cross that bridge when we get there.

the gm at work said...

My guess: Pettitte to NY, Pavano to Texas, Grienke to KC.