Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Outfield Was A Jackass

The Red Sox need some outfield help. Behind the bullpen (which, by nature, will have to be saved by a hodgepodge of questionable guys), the outfield is the second priority. The outfield still has the potential to be good - especially given the fact that 46 is such a young player at age 27 - but an upgrade does not seem that out of question.

Right now, the internal outfield options are the following:
-Ryan Kalish, who, according to the brain trust, needs some more time at AAA. And this makes sense, actually. There shouldn't be any reason to rush this guy to the majors.
-Mike Cameron, who is 38 years old, coming off of surgery, and, honestly, was a questionable starter in the first place. His main selling point is the fact that he's right-handed and the rest of these guys aren't.
-46. Front AND back. Apparently 46's back, according to Francona, was barking at him. Wow. How the F did he do that? Playing football with Aaron Boone over Thanksgiving? Seriously, if anyone expects this guy to play more than Rocco Baldelli time, they're kidding themselves. Unlike Baldelli, 46 has no excuse because, in the words of Lil Wayne, he's softer than Roseanne, son. (But her show brought joy to people, so it was as good as a World Series according to Tom Werner.)
-Drew, who is nine months and twenty days until retirement. He knows it and may possibly do what he can to pull the plug on the playoffs, because the playoffs would delay hunting time by a few weeks.

The overwhelming leftiness is an issue: With two more lefties in the lineup in Gonzalez and the guy who might show up by June, the Yankees would be wise to acquire Cliff Lee, retain Andy Pettitte, and DFA Benjamin Franklin if they want to specifically beat the Red Sox. If Kalish, Drew, and 46 are all in the lineup simultaneously, that's five lefties.

So this leaves us to external options: The Red Sox have been tied to Magglio Ordonez, Carlos Beltran, and Matt Diaz. Ordonez has an inflated reputation, an inflated salary, questionable health demands, and did more steroids than Ronnie from Jersey Shore. Beltran is an intriguing option, but if the Mets are unwilling to pick up 2/3 of the contract, you gotta stay away.

Matt Diaz is a Gabe Kapler situation waiting to happen. Hit over .300 in each of his last two "full" seasons. Has never made more than $3 million a year. Is a righty. Has hit nearly .420 at Fenway Park over his career (small sample size, we know). He's not going to be an all-star, and at 32 he is what he is, but this guy could be a really useful complementing player. At a much lower cost than Mike Cameron. Matt Diaz should be the guy. Go get him.


Patrick said...

isn't this how it goes sometimes. you put up a thoughtful post about a number of outfield options, and arrive at a pretty distinct conclusion regarding which one you want - and for pretty sound reasons. then within a matter of hours the pirates sign that player. tough one. but good post.

Patrick said...

sort of how i wrote the cc/lee post yesterday and then it was reported this morning that cc said the lee contract has no effect oh him.


Anonymous said...


With guys like Beltran and Ordonez I'm not so concerned about the money, it's the length. If those guys can be had for one year (and I'm talking more about Ordonez than Beltran) then I'm not against the Sox spending $8-12 million to make it happen.

--the Gunn

TimC said...


How will signing Ordonez sell tickets for mid-January matches at Anfield?