Saturday, December 4, 2010

Get Yo Shine On

So the Red Sox are on the verge of trading their farm system for Adrian Gonzalez and then after that, signing him to a big-money contract. Further evidence that this ownership group (and I'm not even going to crush Theo for this) is completely reactive and disregards any planning made by the general manager and the baseball people. What a joke.

Don't get me wrong. I am absolutely thrilled about getting the player. The player is exactly what the Red Sox need right now and frankly, what the Red Sox needed since they realized that Mike Lowell's hip was as bad as it was. Adrian Gonzalez is one of the top ten offensive players in the league, and going back to the Upton argument, Upton COULD be what Gonzalez IS. Gonzalez could be the second-best San Diego native in the history of this franchise (behind some outfielder in the 40s and 50s).

It only took Pat two text messages this morning before he started razzing me about how great it is that the Red Sox had to pay twice for this guy. Last thing I read is that they have to pay the Padres three out of their top 20 prospects, including #1 Casey Kelly and #3 Anthony Rizzo BEFORE paying the player what is essentially a free agent-level long-term deal. So the overall cost to the organization, factoring in the potential impact of these players, might indeed be more expensive than something like signing Crawford, or Teixeira, or whomever. Basically they did what we praised them for NOT doing with Johan Santana both at the time and recently.

This reeks of the Yankees in the early part of this century and, frankly, the Red Sox when Theo left for a while. It's shortsighted garbage. The team no longer has a future without going fishing again in an ineffient free agent market, only a present that damn well better be good.

What it also reeks of is the ownership group. Theo Epstein, when he had a lot of control within the organization, said no to doing this with Halladay and with Santana. And while it's clear that he loved Adrian Gonzalez, he said publicly that he's been working toward making the 2012 (not 2011) team strong while 2010 and 2011 were "bridge" years. Why the change of heart? Either they were afraid they'd get their asses kicked again in a negotiation next winter (possible) or...ownership.

John Henry is whining on Twitter about articles that are critical of him, like last week's Eric Wilbur article. Tom Werner said that they'd be an entertaining TV show this year because they'd make a big move. They're scared about the Celtics and Bruins taking their market share. So therefore, in something that makes absolutely no baseball sense, they likely overruled the baseball guys so that they can scalp more tickets at Ace Ticket.

Somewhere, John Henry is on his private jet, heading from Liverpool to Boston and patting himself on the back. Not only did his company go up 20% this year by doing trades that you wouldn't understand, but, like Birdman, he got his shine on so ****** stop hatin. He went after the shiny object immediately instead of waiting a freaking year for free agency, something that would have made baseball sense. But there will no longer be a bridge year. So people will stop hating him for the soccer diversions.

Happy about the player. Unhappy about the fact that I'm not writing this in winter 2011. And if I were to venture a guess, I bet Theo Epstein feels the same way.


The GM said...

Also, though it's slightly out of scope, I'm pumped that they're not giving up Bard, Iglesias, or Kalish for this guy. It's kind of a bummer that we still have to suffer through another three years of that piece of garbage 46, but it could be worse.

Another thing regarding 46, Rey Fuentes (one of the guys going over) had 42 stolen bases in the minors last year. He's a really fast outfielder who is young (19) and has a lot of potential. So pretty much he is the same as 46, except he's not 27 years old and actually has potential.

Patrick said...

gonzalez is the kind of player we all talked about the sox needed. a true impact guy. and it's likely he is going to have even more impact going from one of the biggest pitcher's parks in the game in petco to one of the biggest hitter's parks in the game in fenway.

counteracting that from a production standpoint is that they are definitely missing vmart from last year's team, and potentially missing beltre. so while they got their guy that you can center the offense around - which is huge - how good their offense will be will still be dependent upon if they bring back beltre, add crawford/werth, or bring in somebody else. a straight gonzalez for vmart/beltre swap is not going to get them back to where they were last year offensively, which is quite good.

which brings us to the next important point - despite all the run prevention talk, pitching and not offense was the 2010 red sox problem. even adding another guy along with gonzalez would make a really good offense great. but it doesn't change the mediocre starting pitching and worse bullpen. the real fear hear for other teams in the division is if the sox are laying in the weeds on lee or some other starter. if they were to bring in lee to pair with lester and have gonzalez and youkilis in the middle of the lineup, they'd just need to get someone to pair with bard at the back of the bullpen and that's a world series contending team.

from an off the field, but total organization perspective, it is curious that the sox decided to pay twice in prospects and a big extension. we have seen even the great spending yankees shy away from that kind of double payment. either they really feel the prospect package wasn't that big - which would have to be an inside opinion, most everyone else seems to agree it's pretty substantial - or they really feel like they needed to have him for 2011. i agree with dv, and had thought about this before reading this post, that this bears some resemblance to mid 2000's yankees operating procedure. make a move that brings in a great player. but at the same time there are a lot of other things attached.

the gm said...


As I texted you, I don't know what you're talking about with the pitching being the problem with this team. There are going to be a whole bunch of new bullpen arms who are obviously going to be great. The 2006 Papelbon is the real Papelbon. And (as I texted you before) the 2007 Beckett is the real Beckett.

Enjoy yo day.

Anonymous said...


Who knows if the Sox were going to get Gonzalez next year. Maybe Texas would have offered more money. Or the Dodgers or maybe even the Angels or Cubs. We don't know.

We also don't know about Casey Kelly. He had a ERA over 5 this year. Sure, he could be great. So could Rizzo and Fuentes. But we also said the same thing about Lars Anderson, right?

We think that those three guys could be big time players. But we KNOW that Adrian Gonzalez is as good as it gets at first base. And as for the money? As my dad always says--you always pay too much for a bad meal (JD Drew) and you can never, ever pay too much for a good one. Something tells me that the Adrian Gonzalez era will be a delicious one.

--the Gunn

the gm at work said...


No way on someone else outbidding the Red Sox. When the Red Sox actually want a guy, they outbid the field aggressively, and they outbid themselves.

1. JD Drew
2. Julio Lugo
3. Daisuke Matsuzaka
4. John Lackey
5. Marco Scutaro

There's no team in baseball that would have beaten the Red Sox in that bidding war. No freaking way.

Turns out they just outbid the field instead, as they were the only team to be okay with paying for the guy twice.

And if you think this has nothing to do with the soccer team, you're wrong.