Thursday, October 21, 2010

Win One More Game

Then anything can happen.

I was at the stadium today, and was very proud of the way the Yankees played. The offense showed up big and early, C.C. did his job, and Wood and Rivera got the last 9 outs. Girardi apparently gave a great speech sometime after Game 4 and before Game 5, and he also went to Wood and Rivera for one out, and you have to give him credit for both of those things. Seeing Wood and Rivera get those outs was also a further reminder of how close the Yankees might have been in Game 4, but all you can do is move on. Good job by the manager and team of doing so.

Extra big shout out to Jorge Posada. He very well may end up being a Hall Of Famer, and he has had to deal with not starting playoff games in back to back postseasons when A.J. Burnett is starting. He cannot be happy about this, but he says all of the right things. Then all he does is come out the next day and go 2-4 with a double, an RBI, and a run scored. The RBI was the Yankees' first run and got it all started.

Another extra big shout out to Robinson Cano. He is going toe to toe with Josh Hamilton in this series, who was arguably the best hitter in baseball this year and has been incredibly hot in this series. If he hadn't done so already, this playoff effort is solidifying Cano as one of the best and most dynamic players in all of baseball. He's not playing second fiddle to the other prominent Yankees anymore. He's the man as much as anybody else.

Now they just need to win one game. One. Then anything can happen. Playing like they did today in all facets of the game would be a good first step towards making that happen.


Anonymous said...


It's good to see that Kevin Millar's eternal words "we got Schill in Game 6 and Game 7 anything can happen" live on here long after he hit into his last double-play. I'm always glad to see that in print.

The truth is that in Game 7's home teams have a huge advantage. In the past 25 years the World Series has had seven Game 7's. The home team has won them all. BUT, it's a bit different in the LCS. Since 1995 there have been seven LCS Game 7's. Home teams are only 4-3. And one of those road teams that won did it the exact same way that the Yankees will have to do it--the 2003 Marlins. Not only that, but they also won Game 1 on the road before dropping the next three and needing to win two straight on the road. It's not an easy task. And in fact, only two teams trailing 3-2 and heading on the road since 1990 have ever won the series, the 2003 Marlins and the 2004 Red Sox.

With all that said, things that rarely happen in sports happen all the time (somewhere Yogi Berra is smiling). Should be fun to see how it all plays out.

--the Gunn

the gm at work said...


It will not actually be fun unless the Yankees lose.


I love how you tied this into Game 4, which is, at least at this juncture, the defining game of this series. It's also among the most entertaining baseball games I've ever seen (more on this tomorrow). But the fact that Girardi actually went to the relievers at an appropriate time in Game 5 just enhances the frustration that he managed the two games differently. You have been harping upon the inconsistency of the man with the binders for years now. Can't wait to see what happens this weekend.

As I texted you this morning, I'd say Posada's a Hall of Famer. Five rings? No question. Out of that club, the only one I'd question is Pettitte (and I would question him even if not for the drugs).

PF said...

gm -

game 4 is absolutely the defining game of this series to this point. great job by you pointing that out. mostly because it is the game with that one key moment (the molina homer) fueled by a controversial decision (leaving burnett in). this was just as critical as the game 1 comeback, but happened at a more advanced, and therefore significant, point in the series. i don't want to dwell on game 4 because everyone on the yankees has to move on, so i'm going to move on too. but i will say this: the fact that girardi went to wood/mariano for 9 outs in a 4 and ultimately 5 run game started by sabathia, but would not go to them for 10 outs in a 1 run game started by burnett, is just absolutely classic girardi. makes no sense. and that ignores that they intentionally walked david murphy for the 3rd time this season. he's been intentionally walked only once by any other team. obviously, there is a disconnect between what girardi thinks he is and what everybody else does. they could have gone to boone logan, as murphy is so good against lefties his manager doesn't start him against them. the yankees really could have won that game if not for this ABSURD decision. cannot be understated how bad that was.

Patrick said...

on posada, he should pretty much be a lock at this stage. the only major thing working against him is that he had so many good players around him all the time, so his incredible career has been somewhat overshadowed. for most clubs, he'd be a top 10 player all-time, top 5 for others.

he's pretty well established at this point as one of the 10 best offensive catchers ever. his ops+ is tied for 7th best among catchers in the history of baseball. SEVENTH. many catchers below him in this category are already in. he also had more home runs and rbi than any other catcher between 2000-2009 (a streak that may still be running). so, stack up historically against others at his position? check. the best player at his position for an extended period of time? check.

he did all of this while showing remarkable durability at the most demanding defensive position in baseball. in the eight years between 2000-2007, his first 8 years as a starter, he averaged 142 games played. he continues to show historical durability as he ages. posada is one of only 9 catchers to catch more than 100 games in their age 37 season, and he had the highest BA/OBP/SLG out of any of them. the only other catcher besides posada to post an ops above .800 in an age 37 season where they also caught 100 games or more is carlton fisk, and posada's .885 easily bests fisk's 808.

if all of this isn't enough, he is a 5-time world series champion, a 5-time all-star, and a 5-time silver slugger award winner.

he's not the best defensive catcher ever, and his defense certainly has not aged as well as his offense. his defense keeps him from being a top 10 catcher of all-time overall, but he's probably still top 20. for a vast majority of his career his defense was more than serviceable, allowing his offense to be even more valuable from a premium position. you also have to give him a lot of credit for playing the position as often as he did, which i'm sure as taken it's toll as his career has progressed, but yet he still been able to get behind the plate consistently late into his career.

he's a hall of famer.