Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quick Hits for Pat to Bury

It's the playoffs, therefore it's time to do more than one post in a day if deemed necessary. Considering that Roy Halladay threw the second no-hitter in playoff history, I consider it necessary. Pat: You SHOULD bury this post once you're done with your postgame assessment. But here's what I have:

-Pat very well might be the Rasheed Wallace of the blog world. I texted this to Bandi and have yet to receive a response. But Rasheed JDed out all regular season, then took it to the next level in the playoffs. He was a little miffed that I wrote last night, preventing him from previewing the Yankees/Twins series. No more technical fouls; he's bringing the A-game now. Ball don't lie.

-Now that he's put another pretty huge notch on his belt, is it time to start considering Roy Halladay in the same breath as Pedro Martinez and Roger Clemens? Randy Johnson is not in that category, and frankly, neither is Greg Maddux. Tonight's accomplishment is a pretty big deal. But I still gotta put him in that second category. The best of his era, yes, but not quite transcendent.

-Responding to a great Wednesday comments section, I have the following: The difference between Swisher and Millar is that Swisher is a better player. And we can't quite tell the full Millar story unless we at least mention the whining about playing time and leaving a bag of dog crap in Francona's office as a protest of lineup construction. If you're a soccer fan, it is exciting to see the Liverpool news. And I am, albeit marginally. However, the Red Sox' ownership can stir this drink bad (like Thurman Munson). A good model of what NOT to do is what they've done with Roush Fenway Racing: Please don't shove it down our throats. You can say the same to Lenny Clarke (the guy with Bill Simmons) regarding anything he says. Other than Guy Fieri and Barack Obama, comedians in general are the last people I'd want to have a beer with. Seriously, if you list your occupation as "comedian," you're just going to try too hard. I'd rather have a beer with Mark Teixeira. I'm dead serious.

-TBS must just take both the camera crew and the play-by-play crew from various public access stations. It's like these guys have never seen a baseball game before. You could have sworn a Delmon Young fly out was going to go 475 if you went by the cameras. And on the Granderson two-run triple in which one run scored about 1.7 seconds before the second run, turning a 3-2 game into a 4-3 game, I was told the Yankees tied the game. If they have seen a baseball game before, they must have done it on mute.

Enjoy PF's analysis!


Jon said...

Ha... I saw that TBS announcer "Chip Caray" moment where the game was tied 4-3. Great stuff...glad you saw it too.

jason said...

yea but imagine if the yankees werent in the playoffs, he probably wouldnt be posting till november.