Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday 46

Oh well. I wasn't able to post it the day of. But Saturday, Red Sox' overhyped outfielder 46 celebrated his 27th birthday. He is now, theoretically, in the prime of his career. The player and his sore ribs entered this world on September 11, 1983, just weeks after Dustin Pedroia did. It's astonishing how, even after 27 years, he scan still be such a freaking baby. Front and back.

I keep on hearing about how 46 is going to grow into his body and hit more home runs. I hear about how 46 is a young player and he's going to learn a lot of things when he gets older. How he's going to be a better baseball player than he's been. Can we really say that?

Just for fun, let's take a look at some baseball players who are certainly not seen as players who are going to be improving immensely but who are YOUNGER than this young prospect player with so much potential to not be a one-tool player.

Already-Good Players:
Jon Lester
Evan Longoria
Felix Hernandez
Clay Buchholz
Jon Lester
Matt Weiters
John Danks
Zack Grienke
Martin Prado
Hanley Ramirez
Josh Johnson
Prince Fielder
Ryan Braun
Tim Lincecum
Troy Tulowitski
Ubaldo Jimenez

Guys Who Have Been Around Forever:
Nick Markakis
Adam Jones
Fausto Carmona
Howie Kendrick
Brian McCann
Cole Hamels
Colby Rasmus
Matt Kemp
Jonathan Broxton

Over The Hill?
Scott Kazmir
Joba Chamberlain
Francisco Liriano

Triple Crown Candidate:
Joey Votto is one day older than 46. And people talk like this stiff is nineteen. Enjoy yo day.


TimC said...

I heard a rumor that 46 blew out his candles yesterday- sounds like a nasty, and legitimate, injury. Hope it doesn't hurt his trade value.

The GM said...

Not sure if you can blow out candles with sore ribs. I mean, those things were injured, front and back, five months ago. You may have heard this from him already, but that injury's going to be affecting him all season.

Anonymous said...


I'm always curious when people talk about injured athletes and say "so and so has a tremendous tolerance for pain" or vice versa, as if it's a natural phenomenon. People are tough because they were brought up that way, not because they were born into it. Unfortunately, Jacoby Ellsbury apparently is not the toughest hombre around. Let's just hope that he can bounce back and have a nice year in 2011. It will certainly help him and all parties involved if expectations are tempered, because as you pointed out he's not that young anymore.

More importantly though, is the fact that USA basketball took care of business yesterday. And for those out there who see the game the same way that Featherston and I do, holy hell is Kevin Durant good. By the end of this season he may be widely regarded as the best player in the NBA. And he turns 22 this month.

--the Gunn