Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday!

A quick post with enough sarcasm to last the rest of the night:

Welcome back to Dustin Pedroia and happy birthday to the guy who won the American League MVP at age 25. It's safe to say that this former college player is probably at the height of his career.

Pedroia is exactly twenty-five days older than former college player 46, who is not even close to the height of his career. He is really young and has a load of potential if only he can his ribs healthy. He probably needs to drink more milk, as he has brittle bones, probably because he just hit puberty and has a lot more growing to do.

Red Sox fans are incapable of thinking.

By the way, Ryan Kalish is not even 22 1/2 years old. Between his play in A, AA, AAA, and MLB this year, he has to be the organizational player of the year, even if Adrian Beltre runs into him and ends his season tonight.


Anonymous said...


Obviously it's early, but it's tough not to like Kalish. He appears to have some good pop and covers the plate fairly well. And from the sounds of things the team is pretty high on him.

More importantly, how good has Clay Buchholz been this year? What a champ. If this team could only make the playoffs you'd have to like your chances with Buchholz and Lester up front.

--the Gunn

The GM said...


They wouldn't have promoted him as quickly as they did if they didn't like him. I think he even exceeded their expectations. Not sure how he passed Reddick so quickly on the depth chart.

Buchholz has come a long way. He very well might win the Cy Young this year.