Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thoughts from the Recovery Room

So as many of you may remember, I had my surgery on my sports hernia (same injury as Mike Cameron) today. I ironically put my "Drew Crew" shirt generously provided by John and Matt and got almost half a day of work in before heading to the hospital. ("he spends a lot of time in hospitals," I told a nurse). I was out cold for much of the afternoon, and when I woke up, a lot of the pain in my groin was gone. Seven hours later and no longer under the influence of narcotics, the pain my groin and lower abs are still nonexistent. Except for the incision sites, but that sort of makes sense.

By far the highlight of the day today was the fact that I had a picture from the laparoscopic camera outlining the size of the hole in my lower abdominal wall. It was nearly the size of a half dollar.

I have been suffering from this injury since at least November, and perhaps as early as either June 2009 or even November 2007. Let's just go by the assumption that I didn't have a hole this size until November 2009. In the meantime, I ran a pair of 135-mile weeks, I ran a terrible 26-mile race in Houston, ran two mediocre 13-mile races in New England, and won $200 in various races.

I am also planning on returning to my day job in full capacity four days from now.

Meanwhile, 46 is still in Arizona resting his sore ribs that have kept him out of all games this year except for nine. And JD Drew sat out a game on Wednesday with a sore neck, two days before launching two home runs against Baltimore.

Let me just say that I'm not trying to go Lebron James on this, portraying myself as a hero. (On that tip, all I have to say is 1. I agree with whoever said the guy should have written a check if he wanted to help the B&GC instead of going into a three-hour celebration of himself. 2. Pat's post-Miami decision silence tells a whole new story. And 3. How can Pat worship a guy like Jeter yet still support someone like Lebron?) I'm just saying maybe I'm different because I feel some personal responsibility for the organizations I'm part of.

I raced 13 miles hurt, as recently as four days ago, because I have people relying on me to perform well for their teams. Just because I have a sore gut or a sore groin doesn't mean I'm going to bail on them. When I was too hurt to run in one of my Adidas team's races, I showed up to the race instead of chilling out in Arizona. None of my teammates are going to call me out like Youkilis called out 46.

And I'll be back in the office on Monday because I care about my job and I have people both within the organzation and in our customer base counting on me to get things done in a timely fashion. I make a lot of money, just about as much as JD Drew makes in six innings. And I feel like there is a responsibility to prove that I'm worth this kind of money. Not that players like Drew and 46 are blameless--one of my roommate's co-workers (he's a teacher) got rotator cuff surgery not during summer vacation, but five weeks before summer vacation so he could JD out and extend his vacation five weeks. I feel like that is tasteless and dispicable behavior.

I wrote about Drew's lack of responsibility for the organization cutting his paychecks a week ago. But the fact that he came back on Friday and hit TWO FREAKING HOME RUNS were further proof that the player's neck didn't really hurt that bad. The player just didn't want to play baseball on a Wednesday afternoon. The fact that the two other games I questioned were surrounded by the following events is further proof that this guy does not care about his job:

>In the Buchholz pinch-running game, AFTER Drew asked out of the game and Francona said no, Drew hit a home run to provide an insurance run.
>Drew's April 2010 "sore neck" missed game was on a Sunday. He allegedly suffered the injury on a plane ride on Thursday. He took a ball 450 on Friday. The guy wasn't hurt.

Look, there are plenty of people in the world who are great people but don't show any kind of interest in their company's success. But when you're JD Drew or 46, I find it completely unconscionable that they are so un-competitive and so disrespectful for the team that cuts them massive paychecks and defends them to a fault. I had a hole in my lower abs the size of a half dollar and I ran because I care about my team. When I take my shirt off now, I look like I've been shot three times, and I'm still showing up to work in four days. I don't consider this heroic; I consider it showing respect for my organizations.

JD Drew and Forty-Six have no respect at all.

P.S. Mike Cameron should have the surgery. My previously-injured area feels exponentially better already.


Anonymous said...


I understand you are in a relationship with a young lady. That is probably a good thing. If you ever get single, the fact that you look like you got shot three times in your abdominal region will have a significantly positive impact on your social life.

Also, I was the guy doing most of the chirping yesterday about Lebron. PF got on me because it was emotionally charged. And he's correct. But that doesn't mean I wasn't right.

Lastly, you can find literally dozens of posts where I defend Jacoby Ellsbury. And while I'm still confident he's a talented player, I have my doubts about his toughness. And that's a shame. Guys like Pedroia and Youkilis kill themselves everyday (so does Cameron, but he's not producing, so it's hard to give him the same credit) because they care about winning, they care about their teammates, and because they appreciate how much money they make. But mostly, I think the issue of playing with pain/playing everyday is a matter of pride. It's the same reason you see some people making minimum wage at a crappy job, while other people are perfectly content to walk down Main Street in pajamas at noon on Tuesday. The former, while not glamorous, has pride. The latter, is a complete bum and doesn't care about anything.

I'm not saying JD Drew or Ellsbury are bums. But what I am saying is that neither has the same level of pride in their skills or their physical and intestinal fortitude that you expect a major league player to have.

--the Gunn

PF said...

Gm -

Whenever you have a genuine inference about me, it's a pretty good idea for you to take the exact opposite and apply it, and you'll probably be right on point in terms of where I stand on something. Post decision silence?! As I said yesterday, YAWN! The reasons I haven't said anything since the decision probably number in the thousands, but to share a few 1. When something happens I don't immediately think get to HYD baseball and share my thoughts with five people and 2. I don't really have anything to say on this! Free agent made a decision, haven't seen that one before. But I'm glad you were able to read so much from my silence of all of 10 hours, regarding a situation I discussed yesterday to a point where I don't know what I would add after the decision is made!

I could actually get used to free agents announcing this way. It was exciting.

To tie up a few things from yesterday, no, the nets atre not a good team without lebron. How is cleveland going to be without him though? As their roster currently stands, are they a lock to win more than 12 games? Lebron scored or assisted on nearly 50% of their points last year. I think if you put lebron on the nets they are a better team than with him on cleveland, devin harris is averaging 17 and 6.5 the last 3 seasons and brooks lopez is a legitimate 7 foot double double guy at 22. Certainly like both of them better than anyone on the cavs but mo williams, and terrence williams had a great second half as a versatile player and derrick favors is a serious player.

Gunn, I may be in the minority if my company is the moron talking heads on tv, which is where you directed me. When I go to the tv to guage opinion is when I hang it up as a sports fan, I get better analysis here from you guys than I do there. I don't doubt that I'm in the minority in terms of my neutrality towards this issue, but we can do better than the tv to get us there (and for the record I watch a lot of this stuff on tv so I know how useless a lot of their opinions and "leads" are).

Most important in all of this is that we can stop worrying about the celtics as potential eastern champions. Everyone getting excited about the rest of the heat's roster can have fun with that. Mike miller is a fantastic compliment to those 3, but even if he wasn't you could put me and gunn out there with bandi as the 6th man and march to the nba finals.

PF said...

Two for the records:

1. There are some great people who are tremendous at their jobs talking sports on tv. But you have to sift through a lot of people who are really, really bad at their job to get to those people, and I'm sure we'd all mostly agree as to the people who are and are not good.

2. I love when the gunn gets emotionally charged. Like he said, I just like to call him on it. I'm also pretty good at identifying it. When he uses words like contrived, disingenuous, and superficial when talking about athletes you know he means business. That's basically the worst thing you can say about non-criminals in gunn's book. He also inserts edgy comments in the same spaces we are used to seeing him make jokes in 95% of his comments, the ones that aren't emotionally charged. So if you see one of those three words and a place you are used to seeing a joke replaced by and edgy comment, you better get off the tracks when the train is coming through!

Anonymous said...


Your last comment made laugh. It's just another reason why I really enjoy this blog.

Also, I know you didn't mean it in mean-spirited way, but the truth is that often when something big in sports happens, I do go to this spot first, because as you said--we tend to get just as good (or better) analysis here than on tv. That, combined with a good give and take, makes this really the place that I go to for sports.

Also, and more importantly, if the Yankees get Cliff Lee the season is all over. Dammit.
--the Gunn

PF said...

Gunn -

Not only did I not intend for it to be mean spirited, but I hardly even meant it. I was just saying it to bust dv's chops because the guy is so reactionary. Lebron makes an announcement at 9:30, yankees have a game at 10, we exhausted the topic yesterday, and since I haven't said anything by 8:30 it's "telling", when in reality there just isn't much more to say. So really my silence just makes sense. So annoying.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to take some swings?

I'm all for beating on Pat but we're not doing it for the right reasons.

Here's the big thing- are the Celtics going to win the East next year? No. However it would not surprise me if the New York Knicks don't even make the playoffs.

So far this off season they have gotten rid of David Lee for spare parts and have added Amare Stoudemire without Steve Nash. This is not enough to get it done.

You throw away the last two to three years and have the best city and biggest market in the country, and the best place to play, and you don't come away with a big time player that can lead you deep into the playoffs. Awful. Maybe they are hoping to get Carmelo next offseason. I don't know. But what's happened to the Knicks is inexcusable and I feel bad for all their fans.


the gm said...


You're my boy. But I was thinking that the defending of the player all afternoon yesterday was a function of the fact that you really thought he'd be on the Knicks. You don't know what I'd do to get you on the same level as you were during your post "Teeing Off on the Former Third Baseman," dated October 29, 2007. I thought Lebron NOT going to the Knicks might be able to do that. Because at least from an outside observer, Lebron pulling his stunt all week is along the same lines as the former Former Third Baseman doing what he did during Game 4 of the World Series.

As I am still couch-ridden and I will be for the next few days, it might be worth sticking by HYD Baseball when y'all aren't at the beach. I might copy and paste some highlights of Dan Gilbert's letter to Cavs fans, some highlights of Pat's "Former Third Baseman" post, and some highlights of my post "Theo Patrick Epstein" from October 1, 2009. We can compare and contrast some of the venom coming from our keyboards and maybe evaluate whose is the best in the comments section.

I'll respond to some other comments momentarily

the gm at work said...


As far as my wounds, they're really not bad at all. I could definitely be in a rap video, at least for the next few days. The original injured area, however, feels worlds better, and I'm pretty frustrated that Cameron didn't just bite the bullet on the surgery back in April. He'd be contributing so much more now than he is now. I feel like this team right now could use a healthy Mike Cameron. As you said about Cameron, however, it's great to see that he cares about his team as much as I care about mine. I've even largely given him some slack despite the dubious achievement of being the only ballplayer to be caught with PEDs twice.

My co-worker "BQ" once said that Drew treats his job like an employee. I agree with that. But he treats it like a bad employee, the employee who shows up at 9:15 and leaves at 4:45. I'm proud to say that I'm NOT that employee, and neither is BQ. Yesterday morning while evaluating whether I should work or clean my apartment, I asked myself the following:

1. Would BQ go to work?
2. Would JD go to work?

Upon realizing that BQ would and JD wouldn't, it was a no-brainer. I feel like because I crush JD and 46 so much on this blog, I could never treat my job the way they do. I don't think "pride" is the correct word for it. It's just recognizing a responsibility and holding up your end of the load.

I like to call it professionalism. And the complete lack of professionalism coming from Drew, 46, and (in a completely different way) clowns like Arod, Lebron, and Theo is an absolute embarrassment.

ESPN is also supremely unprofessional, but that's a different story.

Cliff Lee or no Cliff Lee, this season's already done, Gunn.

the gm said...

Also, completely out of scope, but I was reading the Herald this morning and it made me think: How awesome would it be to see Adrian Beltre in the Home Run Derby crushing rockets from one knee?