Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Angels Acquire Pitching

Looks like the Angels started Tony Pena today and had Tony Pena come in as a reliever. However, this one has "blown save #16" written all over it.

It is debatable whether the members of this team not moonlighting as an investigator of why he tested positive in 2003 can actually hit off of a batting practice pitcher who was last in the majors as a catcher in 1997. Quite a game by Buchholz tonight though, in all seriousness.


Anonymous said...


Big, big win from the Sox last night. Six or seven more in a row just like this one and we're back in business.

But in all seriousness, it was great to see Buchholz pitch well. And it was even better to see Victor Martinez out there doing Victor Martinez things. If the pieces keep coming back it may not be completely over. Mostly over, sure. But not completely.

As for your post about Julio Lugo, Okajima hasn't been good since 2008. And really, he was his best in 2007 and it appears that the American League has caught up to him, plain and simple. It was fun while it lasted.

But I'm more concerned with the article about Scott Nicholson. What a goddamn baby. First of all, why is he doing that interview? Does he really think he has it that bad? And does he think that some head of a company is going to read that and think "that's a guy I want to hire!" No, anyone reading that who feels bad for the kid is probably the same type of person who thinks that Habitat for Humanity and Teach For America are careers. They're nice things to do. But they're not careers. And the shame of this situation is that this kid is like so many people today who think they're a victim of this or a victim of that. Grow up.

--the Gunn

the gm at work said...


The second game of this road trip actually worth staying up for until the end. The other one I flipped out similarly (it was the Bob Davidson game).

I don't think the addition of one guy (Martinez) is going to miraculously transform the lineup like Pete Abraham does. But he certainly helps. Buchholz really rebounded from a horrid first two innings where he Matsuzaka'ed out of them. Guy really started to pitch with the bases loaded in the second.

Lugo has bigger balls than Okajima. It's too bad I put up this post, because I think that post is pretty relevant and not too many people have the attention span to read both. Thanks for doing so.

And Scott Nicholson is everything that is wrong with America in the year 2010. After having Dad and Grampa paying his college tuition, his professors giving him A's despite the fact that he showed up hungover on Friday classes with the same blue Oxford he wore on Thursday night, and all of his youth sports leagues giving him a trophy for attending 40% of the games, he believes his Colgate degree is instant license to get paid. Ask Bill Parcells where his Colgate degree got him at first. This is beyond Stephen Strasburg thinking he deserves $50 million straight out of college. This is much, much worse.

I'm surprised that prick hasn't decided to run a marathon yet, so that he can say training six miles a day four times a week changed his life, he gets a medal for participating, and he can brag about it in his Colgate alumni magazine. Probably waiting for Boston. Doesn't have to qualify if Dad or Grampa know enough people who work at banks and get free numbers. D-bag.

TimC said...

This article was an incredible read. Thank you for the link, DV. Really brightened up my day.

I don't know where to start with this kid. Is it where Gunn went, where this kid is sitting in his living room feeling like some kind of victim? Good use of the phrase "What a baby", by the way. Is it the DV angle, where the kid has deluded himself into thinking that his "hard work" through high school and Colgate now entitle him to some 75k/year job? Sorry ace, the hard work starts now. A good place to start might be with the actual job search; I'm not sure what four or five cover letters + resumes a week are going to get you, but if he's looking at the type of work that this article is implying, he should probably be sending out that much paperwork a day, not a week. Colgate just doesn't carry the same sway with corporations as it does with my toothbrush.

And what about his parents here? I don't think they get off the hook. If this kid really is gunning for some big time jobs, instead of giving him crap about his cell phone bill or talking about sending him to work in the windmills of Europe, shouldn't they just let him get on with his job search until he finds his way out? They make $175k combined, they can support him. Why is he wasting his time playing Tom Sawyer for beer money? If they can pay for him to go to college, debt free, they can probably let him just look for work, full-time. Why are they deluding themselves into thinking he is going to be a drain on their resources?

The saddest part of the article is that if Bandi still had internet access, I'm sure he would have plenty of interesting remarks to make, as well.

It is a good link up with the Okie situation due to, basically, a lack of interest in taking accountability. It is one thing to pitch poorly, or even to encounter some bad luck during a good pitching performance. But in the Okie case, it is about a player who screwed up a play that I made with regularity back when I was nine years old. It is not even a case of an opponent making a play; it is a case of the individual being responsible for his own miscues. In short, a professional has to own up.

TimC said...

...unless Bandi is lurking in the comments section of the New York Times! Here are some highlights:

-"America has not failed millenials; the millenials are failing America."

-"I can't believe this guy turned down 40k/yr in the middle of the worst recession in American history. You sure this guy made the dean's list?"

-"I too, majored in Political Science, and yes, it was a useless degree for me."

-"As a fellow '08 Colgate classmate of Mr. Nicholson, I wish I could say that this entitled-rich-kid mentality was the exception not the rule that prevailed at my school."

-"The comments are filled with Boomers and the "Greatest Generation" who are most happy to saddle us younger people with their TRILLIONS of debt. And then we have to pay your social security checks knowing we'll never see a dime! Greatest Generation? You turned this country into your own personal casino."

-"As a "millenial", I am tired of articles that claim my generation is an overly-entitled, whiny bunch of perma-kids endlessly bolstered by false self-esteem. This person's situation (no college loans, a family with the money and willingness to support his long-term unemployment, and paid insurance) and the choices he made are so alien to all of the people whom I associate with that he may as well live in an alternate reality."

And so on...

the gm at work said...

I'm glad that despite the fact that all three of us went to Colby High School, that we find something wrong with the Scott Nicholson article. Very glad to know that the sense of entitlement is not universal.

Kid's parents are complete enablers of his douchebaggery without a shadow of a doubt. They are paying for his rent so he could 46 out in Boston instead of 46ing out behind their large bay windows overlooking a meadow? No. Either cut the spoiled brat off or charge rent if he wants to put forth a JD-level effort at finding a job.

Grandpa is also not immune to criticism: Europe? Have you taken a look at Ireland's economy lately? Pat's taken enough 46cations to tell you all about that.

Bringing it all back to Okajima - my point was the fact that not only do they find nothing wrong with their deplorable behavior, but they are like all of the "millenials." They are so freaking delusional that they cannot stand up to any kind of adversity.

Anonymous said...


Those comments have the spirit of Bandi, but not his touch. They are lacking a certain snideness to them that we've come to know and enjoy.

Also, I think what needs to be noted is that you can't turn down a job at $40K per year with a straight face and THEN complain about the economy. I mean, it's just $40K. It's also health insurance, it's a 401K plan. More importantly, it's not living at home and weighing down mom and dad (though they don't seem to care). But really, more than anything, it's an opportunity. And if he can't see that, he's beyond any kind of help. If a guy like that fails I don't care for two seconds. He doesn't deserve to succeed.

Also, use of the term "ace" and the colgate toothpaste references were second to none. I salute you.


Maybe we need more politics on this blog. A lot of a baseball. Some other sports, and a little politics. This got my blood flowing today. Great stuff.

--the Gunn

the gm at work said...

This is not politics. It's just the state of people with overinflated self-worth - the exact type of people we had all grown to dislike after four years at CHS.

Anonymous said...

A few quick points:

- A sad day in Raider nation as Jack "The Assassin" Tatum passed away today. One of the NFL's last true tough guys, Tatum personified what it means to be a Raider. Maybe in honor of his passing we can have the New England Patriot fans on the blog talk about their favorite Jack Tatum moments.

- I really couldn't care less about politics or whether or not about the Scott Nicholson character in the article. That has literally nothing to do with me or my ability to make a living and support myself. In fact, it almost helps because you don't have people like that taking an interest in entry level jobs which helps people that actually want to get a job.

the gm at work said...

Bandi also called it a sad day when Christopher Reeve's horse died.

His points about how Scott Nicholson is helping people with a grasp on reality are valid.