Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Thought You Were Gonna Ask Me (Vol. 3)

Got several observations about the Red Sox/Royals series. One that was a split but should have been a win. Here we go.

1. The Red Sox performed rather well during that killer stretch against the contenders. It's now over and they're back to playing the dregs of the league. There are the teams where theoretically the offense should be able to beat up on bad pitching and the pitching should shut the opposition down. To be able to actually have a chance in the AL East or even the wild card, I feel like this team has to play .700 ball. That's why I say they should not have split this Royals series.

2. I know the Royals are playing well after firing Trey Hillman and hiring Ned Yost. And good for them. It still is not an excuse for the Red Sox to only split this series at home. Same goes for the fact that the Oakland A's are in first place. Red Sox have to take 2 out of the next 3, no doubt. More on this series later.

3. Matsuzaka really needs to learn how to throw the ball over the plate. As I think I mentioned previously, this is a US-only problem. He never walked this much in Japan.

4. I think the Real 46, Joe Nelson, is easily assuming the "Terrible Reliever Because He's So Bad" title, a position last held by Curtis Leskanic in 2004. His walkup music, according to boston.com, is Miley Cyrus's "Party in the USA."

5. Leskanic, by the way, is still working in the Red Sox organization, according to the Red Sox' official yearbook. He is working as a professional baseball scout. If I find out he's the one responsible for December 6, 2006, it would make me sad. But it would not surprise me, knowing how bad he was at his original baseball job.

6. I am pretty pumped up about Bill Hall being able to throw 88 miles an hour. I mean, Jonathan Van Every only throws like 79. Mark "Clutch" Teixeira might not be able to catch up to Hall's 88-MPH fastball quite as easily.

7. I like Dallas Braden, but let's not get it twisted. Dallas Braden is NOT a prospect unless your name is Kathryn Tappen or Buck Martinez, who like to talk about players' upside when they're in their thirties. Braden's 26 years old and has really not been on the map until he started barking at Arod. Red Sox will be missing him this series, but I thought you were gonna ask me about that.

8. The fact that Oakland is in first place is probably about 90% because Coco Crisp is hitting .333 this year. Number four in your programs, number one in your hearts is 2/6 in between his DL stint to start the season (broken hand caused by sliding into second base) and his current DL stint (he was DLed on Thursday, retroactive to last Sunday with a strained intercostal muscle. Rajai Davis is among the biggest winners with this development, as he currently leads the league in stolen bases.

9. Among the biggest losers in this development would be me, as I'm going to the games tonight AND tomorrow. I also get to see Lackey and Matsuzaka. If if gets rained out tonight, I might have to take a JD from work tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


Daisuke probably didn't walk as many hitters in Japan as he does in America because the talent levels really aren't comparable. You can't throw 90 MPH fastballs by hitters in the majors and that's really about where Daisuke is with his fastball (maybe 91-92 if he really kills it). So he nibbles. Basically he's afraid of getting bombed. No pun intended.

Also, Friday's game was a perfect example of why you can't have Tim
Wakefield as a primary rotation guy. Nine days ago he shuts down the best offense in the National League and beats Roy Halladay. Five days later he gets annihilated by one of the worst offenses in baseball.

--the Gunn

the gm at work said...


That is true, but at the same time he shouldn't be a bullpen guy either. I mean, the way I see it, bottom line is that his ideal role in major league baseball right now would be as a 3rd or 4th starter for a bad team. Instead he's the sixth starter for a decent team.

Unless something pisses me off big time tonight, next post is going to be about Beltre.

the gm at work said...

Also, worth noting that the big guy has his first day at work today, and he is not (yet) interested in JDing through the work day on the comments section. I think that's really why the comments have been low lately. Less argument and more points just being made and left out there because we all have a better attitude toward our jobs than JD does. I don't anticipate the discussion being open during games unless we all collectively decide to do it--and if we're all at our computers all work day, we don't want to be in front of two screens all night too.

jason said...

since you mentioned oakland being in first place i thougt i might suggest a topic for discussion for dv and pat, maybe a post down the line if they need a topic so here it goes: right now there are so many surprises (some semi)for instance looking at the nl standings the braves reds and padres are in first, in the al the a's and rays are in first.. i know the rays arent quite a surprisebut still have to be considered oh and strasburg is finally being called up which may or may not help dvs team to start winning again

the gm at work said...

Toronto playing so well is just as surprising as anything else you've mentioned.

Having the time to update my team is really the deciding factor of whether it will start winning again.