Friday, June 25, 2010

G'd Up

I went to back to back Sox/A's games in early June this year, and this was the point where Dustin Pedroia was making its dive below .250. He was looking pretty bad with a consistency we hadn't seen since his first sixty at bats when he was hitting .170 and everyone wanted to kill him (his words). People were worrying about the health of his knee. I was worried about his walkup music. I was actually going to write about how he should change it, as his 2009 stats were with "Dre Day" as the walkup music and his 2010 stats were with "G'd Up" by Snoop Dogg. I've spent enough time in baseball to know how important the music is to a player.

Meanwhile, some people were projecting that he was in for an extended hot streak.

Apparently Pedroia's okay. He was G'd up last night, going 5 for 5 with a double and three bombs. He singlehandedly (well, not quite. Beltre was on the attack last night too) made up for another bullpen implosion, where Delcarmen sucked, Okajima sucked, Bard was not good, and Papelbon sucked again. He made sure that the Red Sox wouldn't do what they did in the Baltimore, Cleveland, New York, and Wednesday's Rockies game we talked about yesterday--make pretty good comebacks just to have the bullpen blow it. And he is just fun to watch when he's got it going.

By the way, I'm not quite going to start crushing Papelbon yet. He has pitched somewhat well up until two nights ago, so I'm not going to hit the panic button. If he had done this after a long stretch of Matsuzaka-style lucky performances, maybe. But he's been okay before the last two nights. I'm actually going to have to say the same thing about Delcarmen. Okajima--well, that's a problem.

I will, however, mention that blown saves #12 and #13 happened last night for the Red Sox bullpen. They're on pace to fall short of my projection of 37.5, but not by much.

Mike Lowell got placed on the DL. That's not a good way to enhance his trade value.

JD Drew has not been placed on the DL. Back five days ago, it was said that Drew wasn't remotely unhealthy enough to go on the disabled list. Well, if he doesn't play tonight he's halfway to fifteen days with only that one at-bat last night pinch hitting for Matsuzaka. Felger said something pretty valid the other day: If you're really hurt, you go on the DL. If you're just not playing without being serious enough to go on the DL, that's where people question how willing you are to play through pain. Considering that Nancy played one game out of 45 during the late part of the 2008 season, this is not new. I want to hear Theo drop the "he's played a lot" line again.

I take every triumph from Mike Cameron as a personal source of pride due to our mirroring injuries.

Last night was the uplifting win the team has been looking for. It's pretty significant to NOT get swept by the Rockies. And it's pretty significant that arguably the team's best hitter is G'd up again.


Anonymous said...


Great comment yesterday about that french guy losing to Isner. That entire country has been in trouble ever since they decapitated all their smart and/or rich people at the end of the 18th century, leaving only people like your college roomate to carry on the legacy.

The good thing is for the them that they are moving in the right direction. That tennis match lasted longer than the defense of Paris during WWII.


Not too much to say about this post as you are acting rational for a change, and by that I'm refering to your section about Papelbon.

Totally agree with what you are saying about J.D. and injuries. You can either play or you can't.

PF said...

So long as kevin youkilis is on the team, it will be tough for pedroia to ever be the red sox best hitter. Even arguably. Straight up it isn't close, and even when you go pound for pound by position youkilis probabaly edges him. Even the year pedroia won the mvp, youkilis was the better hitter. Pedroia is #2, and that's really important so it takes nothing away from your post to have that kind of guy producing big again. But youkilis is up near the elite bats in the game, pedroia isn't. And that's no knock on pedroia, youkilis is just that good, and he's incredibly underrated which is why I feel the need to defend him.

the gm at work said...

Pat, your definition of "elite bats in the game" consists of a .229 hitter that thought he was Kurt Cobain. Yeah, I thought I was Christopher Robin when I was a kid, but that was when I was like four. Your boy was fourteen.

Enjoy yo weekend.

Anonymous said...


I don't believe in jinxes, but I'm still blaming you for Pedroia's broken foot.

Seriously though, between the 2008-09 and 2009-10 Celtics and the 2010 Red Sox, it's hard to imagine one fan base dealing with teams that talented and that snake-bitten. In fact, can you remember the last time a team dealt with as many injuries as this Sox team has? I mean, it's only June for God's sake.

--the Gunn