Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Injury Update

I feel like the WebMD symptom checker is better for comedic purposes than it is for actual purposes, especially when you have to update the JD Drew injury archives. I didn't know that "apathy," "coma," and "lack of motivation" are symptoms you can choose for yourself. But sure enough, those symptoms may mean that you have benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. I'm still pretty disappointed that "sore glove hand" is not on the symptom checker yet, but that's life.

In other news, I am cleared to resume running on Monday, but I'd like to at least do a few miles before Mike Cameron returns to the lineup. We are suffering from the same injury. I'm really thrilled that he's basically resigned to the fact that he'll need offseason surgery, "noting that every other athlete he's talked to has had surgery to correct the injury." I'm pumped about this because my doctor is not certain this is a sports hernia and doesn't want to operate on me. My offseason is now, so if I come back at less than 100%, not only will I be tougher than Number Two, but I will probably need in-season surgery. I'm convinced this is inevitable, just as Cameron is. His doctors are more helpful than mine. And Paul Byrd's dentist is more helpful than both.

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