Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Report: Arod Cares About Following Rules

So a fluff story in the Post revealed a lot about the Yankees' third baseman. Not only does Arod have a picture of himself as a centaur in his house, love to get up at 6:15 AM to do stairs, party after winning the World Series, kiss himself in the mirror, describe himself as "good looking and biracial," and visit doctors in Canada, but Arod also cares about following rules.

"I would have worn [his new World Series ring] at third [base], but probably would've broken a rule."

I'm glad Arod likes to follow rules so much. Like the rule about not doing steroids that he knowingly broke ("I knew they weren't tic tacs"), the rule about not swatting balls away from pitchers covering first base, and the rule about not yelling "mine" when a third baseman is lining up under a pop-up.

I hope Arod wears his ring to a club and gets mugged afterwards.


Patrick said...

i really, really like alex rodriguez. i don't think any athlete has ever done a 180 in my book the way he has. pedro martinez made a big jump for me after his first year with the mets, not because i liked him but because i didn't dislike him as much as u used to (i disliked him more than any athlete ever, now that title belongs to curt schilling), so it was different. i disliked rodriguez, but not with the the veracity i did guys on other teams. however, i did dislike him, and i like him so much now it's easily bigger than the jump pedro took from strongly dislike to just dislike, hence biggest 180 that has occurred in my book amongst athletes.

Anonymous said...


The thing that bothers people about Alex Rodriguez (not just Sox fans) is what DV alluded to in his post--that there is nothing genuine about him. Of all the steroid users over the past 15-20, Alex Rodriguez is the most perfect example--just as the methods he used to achieve much of his successes were disingenuous, so is his entire persona.

Manny Ramirez is an idiot. I've heard people who know these types of things that Manny has the mentality of a 13 year old. David Ortiz, for all his whining this year, was one of the most likable players of this generation. And Barry Bonds? He's a jerk. Always has been. But at least he's not a phony.

ARod is. And that's why people don't like him. Not because he's the richest player in the game and plays for the richest team in the game. Not because he cheated on his wife. And not because he used steroids (at least not for most of us). It's because his entire personality is contrived. The things he says. The ostentatious way he runs the bases. His obnoxious and feeble attempts to facilitate a relationship with Jeter. And the most interesting part of all this is that you used to feel the same way. Now he's playing for a winning team and all that's changed. And I can understand that to an extent. But I do think the 180 is a surprise.

--the Gunn

John said...

Speaking of the centaur thing... there was a guy on Opening day dressed up as a centaur with an A-rod jersey on... really really funny stuff.

the gm said...


Welcome to the forum. Pedro's hilarious.


I dislike Arod because he's good-looking and biracial. As far as the insincerity, I dislike Teixeira because he's Arod Light.


I feel like you and the boys have a gaggle of good opening day stories. That one sounds awesome. Did you guys rag on the girl doing the recycling initiative again?