Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's Not What You Think

School of Hard Knocks, I'm a grad
And the all-blue Yankee is my graduation cap

Oh, wait, that's Jay-Z, too. Come up with some original stuff.


Ross Kaplan said...

Off topic, but I have to say this. Mets-Cardinals are currently in their 17th inning of scoreless baseball. Worst of all, the game is on Fox so that means Mets and Cardinals fans have spent the last 17 innings listening to Tim McCarver. Don't be surprised if suicide rates in Queens and St Louis have risen dramatically.

jason said...

mccarver took a break during the game at somepoint.. i watched the whole thing pretty damn interesting game, lopez did a hell of a job for never having pitched before

The GM said...

I'm giving OF Kyle Lohse his proper credit in my next post.