Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm a dreamer. Sleep in.

Tomorrow's Pat's day, but that post isn't going to show up until 9:30. As I had class all night, I watched very little of the game. I did get to watch the following, however:

-Scutaro not preventing runs by throwing balls in the dirt. I like the pimping after the home run after Rivera, but when you do run prevention, you have to prevent runs.
-Okajima walking the eventual winning run in. This is more puzzling than watching Paul Pierce miss free throws with the game on the line all the time. He's been playing the game his entire life. How on earth do you throw three straight balls when you know you give up a run if you walk freaking Nick Johnson?
-Scott Atchison proving exactly why he's played in Japan for each of the last two years. Nevermind Yankee Stadium. The first three hitters he faced would have hit home runs to right field in almost any ballpark in baseball. Pat won't tell you this, but Fenway converted two of those into warning track fly outs.
-Pathetic offense. The eighth was abominable. Damaso Marte throws the ball away and puts a guy on second with no outs. Santa Claus pops out even worse than he popped his mouth off all spring. Beltre strikes out on a ball in the dirt. And Drew looks as lost as ever, striking out on a ball right down the middle.
-This could be a long season here in Boston.

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