Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This One's For You, Snooki

So I was planning on writing about the MLBPA and their continuing commendable efforts trying to rid the game of steroids. When I texted Pat about that, he sent me a text message back that was the text equivalent of that whiny noise Snooki makes on Jersey Shore when she doesn't get her way. I'll leave it at this:

Donald Fehr, January 2010: "We fixed the problem."
Bud Selig: "The use of virtually nonexistent."

I'd try to spend another hour searching for quotes talking about Mark McGwire, David Ortiz, Fehr, and Selig saying how MLB has the best testing and that the MLBPA has been very cooperative in ridding the game of steroids.

Now that a rugby player has tested positive for HGH in an accurate blood test (I'm not sure why this is news, I think there has been an accurate blood test for a long time), the MLBPA is predictably trying to keep baseball from HGH testing. They are so committed to ridding the game of drugs.

One of the more asinine things said about this is the fact that the players' union is afraid of what else teams might find in the blood. They think teams will use players' blood and DNA against them in contract negotiations. Good luck with that. I'm glad to see their top priority is keeping the secret of players' DNA against very sophisticated science.

I'll just throw this one up and write something else that more closely meets Pat's specifications.

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from the bronx said...

gm, the HGH test is a big deal because it is the first time an athlete has ever had an analytical positive test for HGH ever. despite it being a widely used/abused drug by athletes, no athlete had EVER tested positive for it before. MLB and NFL had always maintained that they would be willing to implement an HGH test if they had confidence it worked... well, now we know it does.

the expectation of privacy argument both the MLBPA and NFLPA are making is ridiculous. every employer in America reserves the right to drug test, and if you are a highly visible figure in an industry that enjoys special trade status under Federal Commercial laws, and if owners are willing to invest tens and sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars in you in the form of guaranteed contracts, then i'm sorry you have no reasonable expectation of privacy when it comes to using steroids or growth hormones. none whatsoever.