Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The GM: RoB Predictions

Now, for my predictions for the Rest of Baseball. I'll try to keep it short. You know...with only one or two sarcastic comments per team.

AL Central:

Minnesota: Questionable pitching, but offense will eat up the bad pitching in this division. October baseball outdoors should be fun in Minneapolis.
Detroit: Not sipping the Willis Kool-Aid, but I chug Porcello and AJax Kool-Aid.
Chicago: Sorry, Peavy in the AL isn't a sure thing for me yet.
Kansas City: Betrayed me last year when I picked them to win.
Cleveland: Third starter is Rusty Masterson, backup infielder is Andy Marte.

AL West:
Seattle: Not that I believe in the run prevention. But I do believe in the best athletes performing despite major abdominal injuries. I also believe in modesty and a significant dropoff in the Angels' performance.
Angels (Wild Card): With the addition of Fernando Rodney, they probably have the best bullpen in the league.
Texas: In a similar boat as the Orioles.
Oakland: Expect a big year out of their center fielder #4.

NL East:
Philadelphia: Soft NL lineups will help Halladay forget the second half of 2009.
Atlanta (Wild Card): Expect a big year from the rotation.
Florida: The profanities of the infamous Anibal Sanchez Day in 2006 are still hovering somewhere above Colby College.
NY Mets: The Knicks of the baseball world.
Washington: I will not make any secrets: I am rooting hard against Strasburg.

NL Central:
St. Louis: Their commitment to winning pays off with...winning.
Milwaukee: Steroid user Gregg Zaun is on his ninth team. Randy Wolf adds veteran presence to a young rotation.
Cincinnati: A lot of good, not great, players. Whenever Arthur Rhodes is listed as your bullpen's #2 man, though, you have a problem.
Houston: Philly's All-Violence Team has relocated, including wife-beater Brett Myers and cop-beater Jason Michaels.
Chicago: The New York Mets of the NL Central.
Pittsburgh: Hey Michael Weiner and Bud Selig! Instead of realignment, how about more pro-parity measures, like making teams spend!

NL West:
Arizona: Among the best lineups, among the best rotations. I can't wait to make jokes about how Ian Patrick Kennedy's last bad start was in 2009, because that's the last time he was facing AL hitters.
San Francisco: All aboard the young pitcher bandwagon!
Los Angeles: I only like Vicente Padilla because we share the same hatred for Mark Teixeira. Matt Kemp for MVP though.
Colorado: We can complain about how neither Lackey, Lester, or Beckett is not a true 1-A. At least Ubaldo Jimenez is not our ace.
San Diego: It's funny: San Diego fans want to trade Adrian Gonzalez for Gil Velazquez and Michael Bowden too!


jason said...

wow, i am surprised to see the cubs close to the basement, i am not saying i disagree it is just the first time i had thought about how their team would do this year, i do think the phillies and the cardinals are the teams to beat in the NL next question is did the cardinals show enough commitment to winning to keep pujols

the gm at work said...

The teams making the worst decisions of the last decade (minus any decisions made on December 6, 2006) have to be the Mets and the Cubs. No team is even close.

Anonymous said...

Don't have a lot to say because all I really care about is Sox/Yanks.

What I will say though is that if the Rays struggle again this year, it should put to bed the whole "let's build our team over time with young players" strategy. Needless to say I'm hoping this happens.

Ross Kaplan said...

DV I generally agree with your predictions except for two divisions, AL West and NL West.

In the AL West, I'm just not buying into the whole lovefest for Zduriencik and the Mariners. They have great pitching and great defense, but as DV discussed in earlier post's in reference to the Red Sox, pitching and defense in themselves does not win championships, and I'm pretty sure the same applies to winning divisions. I refuse to write off the Angels and Rangers because of lost talent or hitter friendly ball parks. I can easily see a 3 way tie in this division going down to the wire, but just to be a contrarian I'm going to say I like the Rangers winning the AL West. I just really like their offense and young pitchers ie Feliz and Holland.

In the NL West, I really like the Giants this year. I'd just feel a lot better about them if I could name a non-pitcher on that team besides Sandoval. Then again I can't name too many other NL West players. I believe their pitching is just that good and the NL West is just that shitty a division that the Giants could somehow when that division.

jason said...

anonymous, whats wrong with the whole build your teamthrough young players theory? lets face it this is a strategy a lot of teams need to employ when they cant match what the yankees and red sox spend, so if they go young and have a good season every now and then i think it is better for baseball to keep the lesser teams fan bases interested at least